ABOB Executive Board Meeting Minutes – June 28, 2021

Ruth Waggener – President
Jeanna Hasty – Vice President
Dawn Humphrey – Treasurer
Ed Gray – Financial Secretary
Roger Waggener – ABOB.net

Laura Plummer

President Waggener called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm.  Minutes from past meetings are posted abob.net.

The financial report was reviewed by Treasurer Dawn Humphrey. Most funds this past month have been spent on new bari sax, instrument repair, cleaning of tuxes and flag line purchases.  Income has been a couple of Craft Fair checks and Ruby Fritz memorial donations. 2nd drumline installment was paid to the school district.  Laura Plummer moved to accept the Treasurers report.  Ruth Waggener seconded.  Motion carried.

Ed inquired about an email Laura Plummer sent the other day about filing a Form 990 in place of a full audit.  Laura P. will contact Franklin Vaughn to see if ABOB can go with that.  Ed said it is based on our revenue.  She will also inquire about their preference of Quickbooks.

High School Orchestra – Laura Plummer
No report for high school orchestra. 
Laura has been meeting with around 8 4th grade orchestra students on Tuesday evenings the month of June to keep them playing in the summer and introduce them to orchestra.  Tomorrow is the last rehearsal.  

Middle School Orchestra:  Sally Pierce via email
AMS is staying on the same school schedule as 2019-2020 with the music classes part of the activity period.  The hope is to get music into the UA schedule for the 2022-2023 school year.

High School Band – Luke Griffin via email
Percussion and flags have been rehearsing throughout the month of June and they are going well.

Both Promethean boards are in.

Blake and Luke have gone through the AHS band instrument inventory.  They are tracking down several missing instruments.

No report.

Ways and Means
Nothing to report.
Laura Plummer will email Laura Gibbs to setup an ABOB night at Shivers.

Laura P. read thank you notes from Fletcher Leonard for the ABOB Senior Scholarship and from Cindy Kirbach thanking us for her farewell dinner at Moonlight.

Technology – Roger Waggener
Will add M100 band camp fee option to abob.net.

Trivia Night
Laura P. is reaching out to the Shansey’s to see if they will come up with the questions.

Craft Fair – Laura P. read text message from Dave Fritz
They are working on placing the crafters.

They have reached out to Amy Hillery to see if she wants to do raffle baskets.

Will reach out to Mike Halliday to see if he will head up the kitchen.

They need a volunteer to take over doors.

He has been in touch with Dr. Baumgartner about whether she thinks Craft Fair is a go or no go.  She thinks we should plan for business as usual at this point.

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray
Nothing to report.

Spring Vendor Fair
No report.

Old Business

New Business
Laura P. has gotten a copy of ABOB’s Articles of Incorporation which she has sent to Dawn and Ed.

Next Meeting – Monday, July 26, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Plummer

*ABOB did not meet in July, 2021 as the meeting would be in the middle of the Marching 100 band camp and there was no pending business to discuss. (8/5/2021 LP)