Minutes of the Meeting – August 25, 2014


Minutes of the Meeting

August 25, 2014



Amy Hillery – President

Vickie Schilling – Vice President

Ed Gray – Financial Secretary

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer

Greg Cash – Secretary

Mike Haynes – Communication

Rose Lammers – Craft/Vendor Fair

Paula Fritz – Hospitality

Dave Fritz – Hospitality

Cortney Frosch – Ways & Means



Laura Plummer, Alyssa Cudney, Sally Pierce



Tom Pullen, Penny Boedeker


President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. Minutes of the June meeting were reviewed. A motion was made by Ed Gray to accept them as presented, seconded by Mike Haynes, motion carried. Cindy Kirbach presented the treasurer’s report; Dave Fritz made the motion to accept it as presented, seconded by Mike Haynes, motion carried.


TEACHER REPORTS – Sally Pierce reported that things are going well with the middle school orchestra and that they are going to the elementary schools to promote the program. She noted that they are in need of instrument lockers now that the 6th graders are coming from the Main building to the annex. Ed Gray asked for a cost estimate and said he will talk to the school administration to secure these. Alyssa Cudney reported that they had an awesome band camp; the band members are taking ownership of the show and doing well. There was no Red & Gray scrimmage game due to the heat. Upcoming events include the Labor Day parade, first home football game and Mozingo. The percussion section held a student led car wash and raised $1,000.



Communications-Mike Haynes reported that the Trivia Night email has gone out; they are updating the abob.net website weekly and discussion was held about putting together a back to school newsletter-please send information to Mike within the next 2 weeks.

ABOB.net-Tom Pullen noted that many changes have been made and showed the group how we can track recent activity on the site. PayPal is now fully functional. The music teachers have been posting more information and Alyssa Cudney is going to inquire if the link can be added to the Alton Schools website.

Trip Fundraisers-TJ’s pizza+ is going on now.

Uniform Fundraising-Mike Haynes reported that they are meeting weekly. He handed out a summary of the campaign and sample stickers which they plan to use as giveaways to donors. Rose Lammers suggested we consider reusable bags as possible giveaways also. Noting that funds will be needed to purchase gifts for donors, Dave Fritz made the motion that we allocate up to $1,000 for premiums, seconded by Rose Lammers, motion carried. They hope to make a promotion at the upcoming Trivia Night. The group consists of Mike, Tom, Dave, Penny and Amy. Alyssa Cudney reported that the uniforms should arrive by Sept. 23 and will be debuted at Homecoming during the half-time show.

Ways & Means-Cortney Frosch reported that the kick off for the Cherrydale fundraiser is this Wednesday. Prizes will be awarded for the top sellers. Sept. 10 is when order forms are due with a delivery date of Oct. 14. She plans to have an update next month about the ornament fundraiser idea. Another possible fundraiser idea is to take and sell pictures of the students in their new uniforms and/or orchestra dresses and tuxes.

Trivia Night-Laura reported that they currently have 15 tables registered and 5 round sponsors secured.

Craft Fair-Rose Lammers reported that they are still taking applications and have all chair people in place.


NEW BUSINESS – Alyssa Cudney stated that Chris Cooper and Mike Paynic (Percussion and Guard) would like us to host a percussion event on Feb. 7, 2015. After some discussion it was decided to tentatively go ahead with pursuing the particulars.


Next Meeting – Monday, September 22, 2014


Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:27pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Greg Cash, Secretary