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Alton Band and Orchestra Builders has been helping young musicians in the Alton School District for over 70 years.  We have a great relationship with the School Board, Administration, and the Gifted Educators that make music possible in our district.  Please take an opportunity to look around.  Check back often as more info is being added all the time.


Band Update 5/26/15

Hello! Just tying up some loose ends:

  • Current High School Students – our final is Monday, June 1. Please encourage at-home studying – this final is worth 20% of their semester grade, so it can bump or drop grades! Final Exam Terms – Set 1
  • 1-2 Camp is next Monday, June 1 & Tuesday, June 2 – 4-6pm at AHS. We’ll meet in the back of the high school – go in the door by the big K-Line Box. Students should wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes (with socks!), bring their instrument, a water bottle, and a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors (for their music). 1-2 Camp is for incoming freshmen and sophomore students.
    *NOTE: The color guard will continue their normal Tuesday/Thursday rehearsals next week and does not need to be at 1-2 Camp*
  • Parent 1-2 Camp – Parents! On Tuesday, June 9, during the regular M100 rehearsal, we’ll be having a fun session to go over all of the ins and outs of having a new Marching 100 member! Designed for freshman and sophomore parents, but all parents are welcome! We will go over the details of band camp and schedules, football games and competitions. Hope to see everyone there!
  • I’ve attached the complete 100 calendar in case you need it. This one does have definite competition locations on it! 100 Full Calendar 5.26
  • It’s that time of year! Many of our students were tired after the parade yesterday. With summer vacation coming up, please encourage your child to get outside – walk, run, wash the car, mow the lawn – anything to get moving outside! We will start some physical conditioning (jogging) at 1-2 Camp next week. Also, please encourage healthy habits – more water, less soda, making healthier food choices. It’ll help!

Parents, it has come to my attention that there was quite a bit of confusion about the “who/what/where/when” for the Memorial Day Parade yesterday. Please remember that if you can’t find the band update email, abob.net is your next resource to find out information – everything I email out is posted there. Social media may not be your best bet to get accurate information. Feel free to send me an email with any questions as well.

Also, please sign up for our texting service, Remind, by texting @marching1 (in the message line) to 81010 (‘phone’ number). If you got my messages Sunday night, you’re all ready signed up! If you didn’t, please do so! Thanks!


Accessories Orders Due TOMORROW!

Good Morning!

One last call for Accessories Orders – I currently have 34… and we have 159 students signed up to march! All students will need at least a show shirt!

Please get them in – high school students will see me first thing tomorrow morning and I will stop by the middle school during 8th grade band tomorrow. For the color guard folks I will be at rehearsal for a bit tonight. Feel free to send them in with your student!

Band Accessories order form

Current High School Students: Memorial Day
The weather forecast has not changed much, but we’ve decided to go ahead and wear the uniforms on Monday… we’ll see if the new uniforms just equal rain every time we get them out :)
Therefore, students will need their black marching shoes, long black socks, shorts to wear under the bibs, show shirt, gloves. The uniforms will be put on the trailer and we’ll have them at the middle school.
Please remember, unless you get a remind text/see it on twitter/abob.net/get an email saying otherwise we will meet at 8:45am in the AMS Pit rain or shine!!!

M100 Color Guard – Summer Rehearsals

The color guard will rehearse on the following days throughout the summer:

Tuesdays: 4:30 – 6pm
They’ll then join the Marching 100 rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Thursdays: 4:30 – 8:30pm

This schedule will begin June 2. All rehearsals will take place at Alton High.

Parents, please communicate any absences to Mike Paynic (mpaynic@aol.com) and Alyssa Cudney (acudney@altonschools.org). Please do not communicate absences via facebook!


Minutes of March 23, 2015 ABOB Meeting


Minutes of the Meeting

March 23, 2015


Amy Hillery-President

Vickie Schilling-Vice President

Ed Gray-Financial Sec.

Cindy Kirbach-Treasurer

Greg Cash-Secretary

Mike Haynes-Communications

Rose Lammers-Craft/Vendor Fairs

Cortney Frosch-Ways & Means

Paula Fritz-Hospitality

David Fritz-Hospitality

Tom Pullen-abob.net


Laura Plummer

Alyssa Cudney; MiKayla Davis, student teacher

Julie Carter


Brian Belk, Penny Boedeker, Dave Schmalbeck, Alice Barnard

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:03pm with introductions. Minutes of the February meeting were reviewed. A motion to accept them as presented was made by Dave Fritz, second by Laura Plummer; motion carried. Cindy Kirbach presented the treasurer’s report. A motion to accept the report as presented was made by Vickie Schilling, second by Rose Lammers; motion carried.

Committee Reports

Communications-Mike Haynes reported that he is sending out an email to promote the Vendor Fair and will include information about the Chris Cakes breakfast from 8:30-10:30am.

Hospitality-Paula Fritz reported that they will be selling concessions at the Vendor Fair, including pizza by the slice, chips, other snack foods, soda and water. They are also preparing for the receptions for the Arion soloists after the spring band and orchestra concerts.

ABOB.net-Tom Pullen had no new information to report. Vickie Schilling encouraged the middle school teachers to post information. Alyssa Cudney offered to instruct Julie Carter and Sally Pierce on how to do this.

Uniform Fundraiser-Mike Haynes reported that he has put a matrix together of target groups. He will disseminate this to the group to begin planning events.

Dinner Auction-Ed Gray reported that preliminary figures show $17,000 plus in profits. He noted that the food was better this year. He also stressed that silent auction items must be submitted earlier so that if any need to be live auction items they can be accurately recorded in the auction description book. He also noted that donations were up.

Vendor Fair-Rose Lammers noted that student help is needed on Friday from 6-8pm and at 7am on Saturday to assist vendors with setup. Students are also needed at 4p on Saturday for tear down. It was decided that we will have a parent volunteer to monitor plates and to serve drinks for the Chris Cakes breakfast. Chamber orchestra will be playing from 11:30-12:30 in the Commons.

Ways & Means-Cortney Frosch reported that she and Laura Plummer have met with the Cherrydale representative. The president of the company has offered an additional 10% off of the invoice price for future sales because of last fall’s major problems. They also presented an alternative fundraiser similar to Cherrydale called Tom Evans. After reviewing their sales brochures and information it was decided that we would use the Tom Evans fundraiser for our beginning of the school year effort. Butter Braids orders are in and we should be looking at a profit of $1300-$1400. Cortney also encouraged everyone to continue promoting the Amazon link on the abob.net site.


Laura Plummer reported that the orchestra will be traveling to VanderCook College in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday, April 6 & 7 for a clinic. She thanked ABOB for providing the charter bus for their transportation. Pit Orchestra is busy rehearsing for the spring musical and that Chamber has several upcoming gigs.  She also reported that the tentative date for the Trivia Night is Sept. 17.

Alyssa Cudney reported that the Disney trip was very successful and that she can’t say enough about the student’s performance and behavior. ABOB received thank you notes from the student who was helped financially to be able to attend the trip, and from her mother. Alyssa also reported that the middle school winter guard has received two 1st place awards and one 2nd place and their competitions. The high school winter guard is at finals this week. Winter Percussion attended a clinic at Hazelwood and will be traveling to Dayton, OH in April. The Jazz Band participated in a clinic at SIUE and will be holding Jazz on a Spring Evening on Thursday, April 2. April 13 is the Marching 100 meeting and Organizational Contest is April 17.

Julie Carter from the middle school orchestra reported that they participated in Solo & Ensemble Contest on March 14 and both Schumann and Jazzios received 1st Superiors. Stringsation went very well and showcased all of our orchestras at their best. Organizational Contest for the middle school is March 28. They will be holding their annual Coffee Concert on May 15 and are collecting to help students in the district in difficult situations. May 12 is the date for their spring concert.

There was no new business to discuss. The date for the April meeting needs to be moved to Monday, April 20 at 7:00pm.  Seeing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Cash, Secretary


Band Update 5/18/15

Happy Monday! Just a couple of reminders:

– The Accessories Orders (both band and color guard) are due this Friday, May 22, 2015! This is so we can get everything ordered and in before the parades at the end of June. Please make checks payable to ABOB and send them in with the form ASAP. You can send it in with your student or mail it to my attention at the high school – Alyssa Cudney 4200 Humbert Road Alton, IL 62002. If you need another form you can find one here: M100 Band Accessories or M100 Guard Accessories

– Just a reminder that Monday, June 1 & Tuesday, June 2 (4-6pm) is our annual 1-2 Camp! This camp is for (incoming) freshmen and sophomore students as well as student leaders.

– Our regular Tuesday M100 Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, June 9 – 6-8:30pm at AHS. These rehearsals include everyone!

– The schedules for Summer Percussion Rehearsals and Summer Jazz Band are posted on abob.net. Click each activity for details! Percussion folks – please take note of a couple clinic dates at the bottom of that post as well.

THANK YOU for the fantastic support and help with Button Days on Saturday. The support of this community is overwhelming, and your assistance helps ABOB keep costs extremely low for our students. THANKS!!!

Current High School Students: (8th graders, you can ignore the rest of this email!)

Graduation is this Friday, May 22. All students (except certain percussion students) are required to play graduation. Band students will need to arrive by 5:45pm. They will need to dress nice (no jeans/tennis shoes). Please note – parking is very limited the evening of graduation. Spots will be filling up by our 5:45pm arrival time. Please plan on carpooling or dropping your student off for graduation. If your student will be driving, please plan on getting there a little early to ensure you can find a spot!!!

We play before graduation and we process the graduates in at 7pm. We will be done playing/packing up by around 7:45pm. Students are free to go then!!

– The Memorial Day Parade (Marching 100 students only) is next Monday, May 25. We will meet in the Alton Middle School Pit. Memorial Day parade Itinerary. I would LOVE to wear the new uniforms for this parade, but the forecast  is calling for scattered showers and storms… so at the moment we won’t be wearing them. We’ll keep an eye on the forecast this week and I’ll let you know if anything changes. Please let me know ASAP if getting some khaki shorts will be a problem for your child or if they cannot find their marching shoes.

– The Band Final Exam is Monday, June 1. The exam is 100 points (20% of their semester grade) and will consist of defining terms and two short response questions. Please encourage studying at home! Final Exam Terms – Set 1

That’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week!


Button Days – Tomorrow!

Good Evening!

If  you’re signed up to work, please check your email. Just wanted to post here as well!

Just wanted to give a rain plan for tomorrow:

If it is not raining during your shift: Continue as planned! Meet at Alton High a half hour before your shift (first shift meet at 6:30am) in the back by the big K-Line Box. Wear a red Alton/Marching 100 shirt, pick up uniform (if you’re a current high school member), make sure you have a ride to your location. Bring an umbrella just in case!

If it is raining: We are still on! Hopefully the locations will let us stand inside. Please bring umbrellas/rain coats/ponchos – what you can to stay dry. If it starts to thunder/lightning by all means go inside – if we have to stop soliciting while it passes, that’s fine.
We will not wear the new uniforms in the rain. Instead wear Marching 100 gear/Alton gear. That means if you are not the first shift for your location, you can just meet at your spot! First shifts will still need buttons/collection baskets so still plan on meeting at the High School a half hour before.

Clear as mud??? Some general tips: Stay out of the way of shoppers/don’t block doors. Be friendly, but not annoying :)

I’ll be around email for another half hour – feel free to shoot me any questions. I’ll also be at the high school at 6:30am if you need anything!



M100 – Summer Percussion Rehearsals

Here’s the schedule for summer M100 percussion rehearsals:

Rehearsals will begin the week of June 1 and run every Tuesday/Friday until July 24.

2-5pm – Pit/Drumline rehearsals in band room
6-8:30pm – Marching 100 full band rehearsal

2-6pm – Pit/Drumline rehearsals in band room

Please communicate any absences to Coop (thecoop5000@yahoo.com) and Ms. Cudney (acudney@altonschools.org)

Also, please add a percussion clinic with Brett Kuhn the afternoon of Tuesday, June 9. Itinerary is tentative, but we’ll meet at the high school around 1/1:30pm, clinic at 3:15pm, grab dinner on the way back, and be back at the high school in time for the 6-8:30pm rehearsal.

We will also need a handfull (5 or so) of percussion students to play/clinic the kids at Hayner Library on Thursday, June 11 from 2-3pm. They’ll be demonstrating some world drumming and just have fun!!!


Summer Jazz (AHS)

Here’s the schedule for the summer jazz groups at Alton High:

Summer jazz will begin on Wednesday, June 3 and will be every Wednesday until July 22.


11:30am – 12:30pm – AHS Jazz Combo (select students)
12:30pm – 2:00pm – AHS Jazz Band (all are invited!)
2:00pm – 3:00pm – AHS Improvisation class (all are invited!)

If you have any questions/need to communicate absences over the summer, please email Mr. Jarden – tjarden@altonschools.org

No fee for any of these classes – thanks Mr. Jarden!!!