Welcome to ABOB (Alton Band and Orchestra Builders)


Alton Band and Orchestra Builders has been helping young musicians in the Alton School District for over 70 years.  We have a great relationship with the School Board, Administration, and the Gifted Educators that make music possible in our district.  Please take an opportunity to look around.  Check back often as more info is being added all the time.


Band Update 9/29 – 10/4

Hello! Here’s the week:

Rehearsal – Tuesday 9/30 – 6-8:30pm, AHS

– Rehearsal – Thursday 10/2 – 6-8:30pm, AHS

– Washington, MO Marching Band Festival – Saturday, 10/4
Washington, MO itinerary

  • Please note that your child needs to bring a lunch/snacks for the bus ride down there.
  • We always need chaperones! Email Susan Berry – vanishinggirl@charter.net if you can ride the bus!
  • Also, please remember that the itinerary is an educated guess at times – especially when it’s a prelims/finals show there’s a lot of guesswork involved as to exact times. If we draw an early finals time, we’ll have plenty of time to load the trailer after we play. If we draw late (preferred!!!) we may have to load the trailer after awards, which will get us back later.
    Loading the trailer is a process – we need help, but when it comes down to strapping down each individual piece of equipment, it’s usually a one or two person job – any more and we get in each other’s way. Your patience and understanding in this process is appreciated!

Heads up about other happenings:

– Tumbler Trip Fundraiser is running! Due date is Tuesday, October 7. Please remember no late orders will be accepted. If your student needs an order form, they just need to ask me!

– First Quarter Playing Tests begin next Wednesday, October 8. Playing Test Info 2014-15

– IMEA Auditions (certain students) are Monday, October 13. If your student is auditioning, I need the $8 audition fee by the end of the day today. I will only enter names of students who have paid. Band 3H students will either audition for IMEA or record a playing test over the IMEA audition material (playing tests will be at the end of October).


  • I do use a texting service, called Remind – it’s a great way to send out last minute reminders or get instructions to the kids if I’m not right in front of them. Feel free to join as well. Simply text @marching1 to 618-205-5784 (different number). If you’re all ready signed up, you don’t need to again!
  • I do tweet (Twitter? Is that a verb?)  (as does ABOB) – follow @M100Alton and @ABOB_Music. The ABOB twitter automatically tweets all updates to ABOB.net
  • ABOB.net always has updated information on it as well as videos – send ‘em out, watch ‘em, share ‘em!

Band Update: 9/22 – 26

Hi! Happy Homecoming! Here’s what the week looks like:

  • Today (Monday, 9/22) – TJ’s Pizza Pickup – 3-5:30, AHS (enter back by door 44, where the kids come in). If your student can take it home with them, we will send it with them after school!
  • We also have an ABOB Meeting this evening – 7pm in the orchestra room
  • Tuesday (9/23) – Rehearsal 6-8:30pm, AHS
  • Thursday (9/25) – Rehearsal 6-8:30pm, AHS.
  • Friday (9/26) – Homecoming Football Game – 5:45pm, Public School Stadium (West). We will wear full uniform – black marching shoes, black calf-length socks, bibs, jacket, helmet, gloves. Please check to make sure your student has everything they will need before they walk out the door!
    *We get out early (1:15) on Friday, which means no 6th hour band. I’m checking with the maintenance folks, but may need some help loading the box truck with low brass/ladders/slides. If I do, I’ll be asking for kids to stay a little later on Friday.*

Other info:

  • A new Trip Fundraiser will go home tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/23). We’ll be selling Tritan Tumblers – including one with the Marching 100 logo! Turn in date will be Tuesday, October 7. As always, No late orders will be accepted. Tumblers are $15 each, pay upfront, make checks payable to ABOB.
  • We had a fantastic Trivia Night Friday evening – thanks to all those who helped, donated, or played! At the trivia night we introduced “Uniform the Band” to start paying for the new uniforms.
    If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out! Uniform the Band
    Here’s where you come in: Please forward this to family members, M100 alumni, fans, etc. Pass it along to anyone who might be interested in helping! Every bit counts. There is a donate option right under the video.

I think that’s it – as always, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns – 474-6966 or acudney@altonschools.org



Orchestra, Make a Note! Sept. 22 – 26

Thanks to all of the students who helped out at the ABOB Trivia Night Friday night.   You all were a tremendous help!

TWO Practice Forms for September are due by October 1.
The students have had more than enough classtime to knock these out while I’ve been doing scale tests.

$8.00 ILMEA District 6 Audition Fee Due This Week!
Please make checks payable to Alton H.S.
Senior Orchestra String Auditions are Columbus Day, Monday, October 13 at Highland M.S.  See my ILMEA post for that info.

Mon, Sept. 22
Symphonic Orchestra Winds & Brass
3:30 – 4:30 (note new time)

Tues., Sept. 23
ILMEA audition help until 3:30

Wed., Sept. 24
Chamber – Everyone
3:15 – 4:00

Thur., Sept. 25
ILMEA audition help

Fri., Sept. 25
Students dismissed at 1:15 for Teacher Professional Development



ILMEA District 6 Senior Orchestra (Strings) Audition Info

The ILMEA District 6 auditions will take place Columbus Day, Monday, October 13 at Highland Middle School.  IL Central Bus Co. will provide transportation for students.  Students are required to ride the bus to and from auditions.   Buses will leave AHS at 7:30 a.m. and return back to AHS sometime around 2:00.

$8.00 ILMEA Audition Fee due Friday, September 26.
Please make checks payable to Alton H.S.

ILMEA Audition Workshop
Friday, September 19 at SIU-Edwardsville.   FREE
Leave 8:00 a.m.
Return about 1:45.  Students will attend 6th hour.

Audition Materials

  • Academic Festival Overture.   Violins need to prepare all excerpts from both 1st and 2nd violin parts. Viola, cello and bass prepare all of their music.
  • ILMEA State Required Excerpt:  https://docs.google.com/a/altonschools.org/file/d/0B56pjwTXc8tyZWxiVzlYY0xFMFE/edit
  • Prepare all of the following three octave major scales (two octave for string bass) by memory:  Bb, F, C, G, D, A, & E Major and C and G melodic minor.   The tempo for scales should be Quarter Note = 120, detache’ (no slurs).
  • Sight-reading


Scales and audition spots will be posted outside of audition rooms when you arrive at Highland.  Seek me out before you audition.  I want to tune and hear you.


The ILMEA District 6 Festival is Saturday, November 1, at Edwardsville H.S.
If selected, there is a $20 festival fee due by the end of October.
IL Central Bus Co. will be transporting students to the festival.
Parents are to bring you home from the festival.



Trivia Night Round Sponsors

Thanks to the following businesses for their round sponsorship’s at the ABOB Trivia Night September 19:

Bemis Wilderman Chiropractic
Halpin Music Co.
Alton Symphony Orchestra
Amy Hillery, Landmark Realty
Next Step Foot & Ankle Centers, Dr. Lindsay Barth, DPM
Paul Lauschke and Associates Real Estate, Inc.
Woodman Collision Center
Alton High School!  Home of the Redbirds!

Please share your thanks with our local businesses who so generously support the Alton School District Band & Orchestra programs.