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Alton Band and Orchestra Builders has been helping young musicians in the Alton School District for over 70 years.  We have a great relationship with the School Board and the Gifted Educators that make music possible in our district.  Please take an opportunity to look around.  Check back often as more info is being added all the time.


Link to Amazon from the ABOB.net homepage to raise money for our kids!

Hello ABOB supporters!  Do you or anyone you know ever buy things online from Amazon?

If so, here is some information about a great way to support ABOB that won’t cost any extra money.

Through the Amazon Affiliates program, if you get to the Amazon website via the link posted on our ABOB site, we will get a percentage of whatever you purchase as commission.  We can earn up to 10%!!

The first time you click on the link (located on the right hand side of the ABOB.net website), it will take you to a question about whether you would like to donate to charity.  Just click through that box however you wish (it has nothing to do with us) and proceed to the Amazon store.  Once you go through that box once, it shouldn’t ask you again.

We also have our own ABOB Amazon store with suggested items from the band and orchestra directors.  You’ll also find a link to items our kids need as a group that you (or anyone you know) can directly donate to our band and orchestra.  If you would like to purchase items to be directly donated, all you have to do is put in the Alton High School shipping address (posted on the Amazon store page).  Here is the link to the ABOB Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/a0a78219-20

Right now there is a special section on our Amazon store specifically for Marching 100 students including band camp must-haves!  A back to school shopping link will be coming soon too including all the items recommended by our district to make shopping for school supplies quick and painless.

Please send this information out to anyone who wouldn’t mind taking this extra small step when purchasing from Amazon in order to help our kids.

Alton Band and Orchestra Alumni- please think of this as a great (and free) way to give back to the Alton/Godfrey community!

Thanks for your support!  Please forward this to many many people and feel free to contact me directly with questions at cyfrosch@gmail.com.


Cortney Frosch (ABOB parent and Marching 100 alumni)






Fall Marching Calendar Update

Below are the Fall 2014 Marching 100 Dates (edited 7/22/14):

M100 Fall 2014 Calendar 7.22
*Please note the calendar is subject to change*

It’s the usual Tuesday/Thursday evening rehearsals, Friday football games, and Saturday competitions.

Please note the plan to participate in the St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade – since it’s a trip year, we’re in for the extra practice! That parade is always televised.



VP Parking/Parent Bus!

We have a parent bus that will be going over! Please plan on taking this bus if you’d like to come to the parade. Wear Alton/M100 clothing, and be ready to leave at 6:30am when we leave. It will still be a lot of walking.
Here is what the parade folks told me: “Upon arrival, your parents will get off the buses and make their way to the parade site.  Buses will be repositioned to the end of the parade.  Parents will not be allowed to ride to this spot since they must pass the VP Fair security check-point.  After the parade, the Award Ceremony will be in Shakespeare Glen HOWEVER all student, parents, everyone must pass through the VP Fair security to be allowed in this area.  No wagons, no coolers. Go to www.vpfair.com to see the list of restrictions.  When the Award Ceremony is over, the buses (including band parent bus) will be located near-by.  Anyone who has trouble walking will find this entire exercise difficult.  There will be a lot of walking.  Any person with disabilities should not attempt this.”

If you have to drive, check out the following:



The Forest Park Metrolink Station is about 1000 feet from a point on the parade route.


route-64-west VP

route-367 VP



We have a busy week ahead! Here’s the plan:

Sunday, June 29 - Red Bud Parade Itinerary

Tuesday, July 1 - Full Rehearsal - 6-8:30pm – AHS.

Thursday, July 3 - Full Rehearsal - 10am-12noon - AHS
*Please note the time of this rehearsal! This is to get used to the weather conditions for the VP Parade the next day. Summer school students will be excused. If getting a ride to school is a problem, please let me know ASAP and we’ll find one!

Friday, July 4 - VP Parade itinerary - Forest Park

Notes about VP:
- It will be broadcast live on Channel 4. we were one of the bands chosen to bring them back from commercial break, so tune in!
- No vehicles will be allowed in Forest Park the day of the parade – you will have to park outside and walk in (car pool!).
- We are taking a 6th parent bus over! Please see the VP Parking/Parent Bus post for more information.

Also, don’t forget about

- Brooms
- Spiritwear
- Camp Fees
- Medical Info. Forms

Search the website to find these forms if you need ‘em.


5.19.14 Meeting Minutes

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Minutes of Meeting
May 19, 2014


Amy Hillery – President
Vickie Schilling – Vice President
Ed Gray – Financial Secretary
Cindy Kirbach  – Treasurer
Mike Haynes – Communication
Dave Fritz – Hospitality
Cortney Frosch – Ways & Means


Laura Plummer

Alyssa Cudney

GUESTS:  Tom Pullen

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.  Minutes of the April meeting were approved as presented on a motion by Mike Haynes, seconded by Cortney Frosch.  Cindy presented the treasurer’s report.  Financial report was approved on a motion by Vickie Schilling, seconded by Mike Haynes.

TEACHERS REPORT:  High School Orchestra – Laura – Musical “Once Upon a Mattress” was another success, under the first-time director, Emily Ottwein.  Spring concert was last Thursday.  Chambers played the Lammer’s wedding this past weekend and have two more ‘gigs’ to finish this semester.  The Beatles Concert at Faith Fellowship is next Tuesday, May 27th – expecting a full house.  High School Band – Alyssa – Spring concert was May 8th.  Senior Awards were given out.  Hope Cash was named the 2015 Arion Award winner.  Percussion concert was May 17th.  Marching 100 begins again tomorrow, May 20th, with 1-2 camp and Leaders Class.  Graduation is Friday, May 23rd.  Memorial Day Parade on Monday.  We have 28 color guard for the high school this season, and 21 color guard in the Middle School (new this year).  July 12th, we will host a one-day Color Guard Clinic.  Middle School – Laura & Amy – Coffee Concert was last Friday with a huge attendance.  A freewill donation basket was set out to support the McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Fund (assists homeless students in our district).  Schumann thanked ABOB for assistance for Six Flags trip , where they ranked 1st of 7 in their division, and Best Orchestra overall.  Schumann played for the 8th grade awards ceremony, and the Orchestra Spring concert will be on May 22nd.

COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Communications – Mike – No activity lately. Website – Tom – the website was displayed on the whiteboard to show a few tweaks from last month.  It was noted that in the future, as minutes are approved, they will then be added to the website.  Alyssa has been very busy with postings to the website, ultimately helping parents to not be able to miss any information.  The logo will be put into letterhead and clothing soon.  Marching 100 Uniform – Alyssa – presented a proto-type uniform.  After a couple more adjustments, we will have our final design and have been promised new uniforms by fall.  District has loaned ABOB our portion of the cost to be paid back over the next 5 years.                           Trip Fund – Alyssa – Broom sales are finishing up.  Taking the month of June off, but looking at additional fundraisers to begin this summer.                Ways & Means – Cortney & Laura – Cherrydale fundraiser will begin August 27th.  The general consensus of the students is that they would prefer prizes over cash rebate.  Our profit from this sale will be 40%.  Motion by Mike Hayes, seconded by Cortney Frosch that top seller from high school and top seller from middle school receive a $100 check from ABOB, in addition to their prize selections.  Chris Cooper has contacted Cortney with some possible fundraiser ideas for Percussion.  Kiss a Senior Good bye was not super supported, but raised $130 that will be put in the Percussion Fund.

NEW BUSINESS  The only item of new business was to present the 2014-15 budget.  Amy, Vicki, Ed, Cindy, Laura and Alyssa met to prepare the budget.  Two items to note are the addition of a uniform payment to the district and a new line for the Middle School Guard.  Motion by Laura Plummer, seconded by Cortney Frosch the 2014-15 budget of $68,300 was approved.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 23rd.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.

Respectfully sumitted,

Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer


Executive Board Meeting Agenda – 6/23/14 (all are welcome!)

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Executive Board Meeting Agenda (all are welcome!)

June 23, 2014

7:00 p.m.

Alton High School Music Suite (usually the Orchestra room)


1. Open/Additions to Agenda/Introductions

2.  Meeting Minutes

3.  Treasurer’s Report

4.  Teachers Reports

a. HS Orchestra

​b. HS Band

c. AMS Report

5.   Committee Reports:​

a.  Communications

b. Website​

c. 100 Uniforms Fundraising:

- Membership Drive

- Alumni Event

d. Trip Fundraisers

e. Ways & Means

6.  New Business

a. ABOB Board for 2014-2015

7.  Next Meeting – August 25, 2014

8.  Adjournment


Show listening

Check out these links to hear the tunes that are in ‘Chutes & Ladders’

Play the Game” by Queen – Preshow/Beginning of Part I/ Part IV

Joy Revisited” by Frank Ticheli – Part I/Part IV

You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban – Part I/Part II/Part IV

Slide” by Goo Goo Dolls – Part II (Baritone Solo)/ Part IV

Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper – Part III (Percussion Feature)

If you need instructions on how to do the “Cha Cha Slide” look here - parents, be sure to properly prepare yourselves.




Percussion Update!

Good Afternoon!

Coop has set up a Remind101 text number for just percussion.

Text @altonm to 314-667-4621. You can save that number as Coop – he’ll be sending texts to that number. Both parents and kids should join!

Next week (Tuesday, June 10)  is the SIUE/Brett Kuhn clinic for ALL Percussion kids (pit and battery).

Here’s the schedule:

*eat lunch before you arrive!*
12:30pm – arrive AHS, load trailer
1:15pm – depart AHS
2pm – arrive SIUE, unload trailer
2:30pm – clinic
4pm – Depart SIUE, eat (something quick in Edwardsville - bring money!)
5:30pm Arrive AHS, prepare for evening rehearsal

I think that gets us all on the same page – please let me know if you have any questions – you can also always email Coop at thecoop5000@yahoo.com

Feel free to pass this information along to whoever needs it! Please get in the habit of checking facebook and this site as well – we’ll keep it as up-to-date as possible!


Summer Percussion!


Summer Rehearsals:

Tuesdays & Fridays beginning June 3:

Pit - 1-3pm

Batter –  3-5pm

Full Band Rehearsal (Tuesdays) – 6-8:30pm


Don’t forget about the Brett Kuhn clinic at SIUE on Tuesday, June 10 -


AHS Music Department – 50th Anniversary Beatles Concert at Faith Fellowship

On Tuesday, May 27th, the AHS music department including AHS Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra and Celebrations Choir joined with Faith Fellowship’s Band and several parents to raise Money for OASIS shelter to stop Domestic Violence.  In addition to a great night of music, we were able to raise over $1600 in cash and a very large table of very needed items.  Thank you to everyone for your support. If you have any suggestions for themes for additional concerts of this sort, contact one of the conductors.