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Alton Band and Orchestra Builders has been helping young musicians in the Alton School District for over 70 years.  We have a great relationship with the School Board, Administration, and the Gifted Educators that make music possible in our district.  Please take an opportunity to look around.  Check back often as more info is being added all the time.


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Band Camp Information

Hello! A couple of reminders before band camp begins next week:

Who: All Marching 100 members (guard, percussion, brass, woodwinds)
What: Band Camp!!!
When: Monday, July 27 – Thursday, August 6. 8am – 5pm
NOTE: Camp will start promptly at 8am, please arrive a little early to set stuff down/get ready for the day.
Where: North Elementary

Please continue to send in the Medical Information Form and the $50 Camp Fee. They are past due! Checks made payable to ABOB, or you can pay online: M100 Camp Fee Payment

Suggestions to make Band Camp Easier:
This week and throughout camp please encourage your child to:

  • Get a full night’s sleep
  • Give up soda, sugary drinks, etc. and drink lots of water
  • Eat healthy – give up fast/greasy food and start eating fruits, veggies, and lean proteins
  • Each morning of band camp eat a healthy breakfast – fruit, toast, eggs, etc. Stay away from dairy and heavy foods. We’ll be moving around a lot in the mornings, so breakfast is essential to feeling okay!!!
  • Wear light weight, comfortable clothing to band camp – light colored t-shirts, athletic shorts. No jeans! Also try to stay away from dark colors that will absorb heat. Students will always need to have a good pair of tennis shoes with socks. School dress code is always in effect at band camp.
  • Bathe every day, wear deodorant

What to bring to band camp:

  • A large water jug full of water – we will have water available to refill
  • Sunscreen to reapply often!
  • A hat – the bigger the brim the better!
  • A towel to sit on during breaks
  • A pencil
  • Their instrument
  • Binder/sheet protectors with music
  • Inhalers/medication (if needed)
  • Camping chairs/EZ Up Tent for shade if desired – students are responsible for these each day if they choose to bring them.

A message from Joy Sawyer regarding Band Camp Donations:

Thanks for all the band camp donations! It looks like we are in good shape for week one. We are lowest on cheez its and cans of pineapple chunks. We have more animal crackers than anything else. We will need fresh grapes to freeze. I will post mid week of week one band camp and let everyone know what the kids are eating the most of and if we are running low. It’s difficult to know what and how much we will go through-it’s a little different each year. You can send any donations into camp with your student-including any fruit.

Everyone is welcome to stop by band camp and watch the kids. It’s a great chance to get to know other parents and the kids.


Attendance: Please remember that attendance at all days of camp is mandatory – this is where we put the whole package together! We learn a lot each day, and missing involves a lot of individual catch-up time. Please try to keep doctor’s appointments, etc. to a minimum. If your child does need to miss, the easiest way to let us know is via email – acudney@altonschools.org and mdavis@altonschools.org

A note about AHS Registration: Please plan on registering your child during lunch (noon everyday) or after camp – we end at 5pm, registration continues until 7pm at the high school.

Freshmen who have to attend the chromebook orientation may go during lunch or after camp – since we have the parent performance the evening of Thursday, August 6 we will dismiss from camp early that day.

It’s time for Spiritwear! Please see the attached information letter – Dear Parents to get started. Here is the 2015 Spirit Wear Order Form and 2015 Spirit Wear Pictures as well!

That’s finally it! Feel free to stop by camp at any time to see what we’re up to – it’s a tiring couple of weeks, but it’s unbelievable to see the show come together.

See you Monday morning!


Band Update – 7/14/15

Hello! Just a couple of reminders:

  • Tonight, Tuesday, July 14 – Full Marching 100 rehearsal – 6-8:30pm, AHS.
    Please send water with your child! We will be both outside and inside tonight, and it will be warm! The plan is to start doing some physical conditioning (running, jumping jacks, etc.), so please remind them to dress comfortably/weather appropriate as well!
  • Tuesday, July 21 – Full Marching 100 rehearsal – 6-8:30pm, AHS
  • Band Camp! – July 27 – August 6, 8am – 4pm at North Elementary.

Please see email below about band camp:

Band Camp starts on Monday, July 27!  Just two weeks from today…. We are looking for parent volunteers to help keep the camp run smooth.  The day runs from 8:00am-5:00pm and we break it down into two hour shifts.  So if you can give two hours or all day, it’s a great opportunity to get to know the kids.  Volunteering involves minimal physical work-filling and lifting coolers with ice water/gatorade-, refilling snacks and helping kids as needed.   So here are the shifts:

8:00-10:00 am
noon-1:30 pm***
1:30-3:30 pm

**the noon to 1:30 shift only needs one person.  This is the kids lunch break and an adult is needed to stick around and keep an eye on the camp materials.  Some kids do stay at camp during lunch.
Monday-Friday the first week and Monday-Thursday the second week.  We have more people signed up to help the first week than the second.  We try to have three people per shift.
If you can’t take time off to help at camp, don’t forget you can donate supplies or send money for supplies to help out too.  You can even order through the ABOB.net Amazon link and have it delivered to the school.
You can email me at joysawyer33@gmail.com to sign up or on the parent facebook page.

Parade Week! Band Update 6/26/15

Hello! Hope you’re staying dry out there. I’ve heard about some confusion, so here’s the outline for the week:

  • Today, Friday, June 26 – Percussion rehearsal 2-6pm
  • Sunday, June 28 – Red Bud Parade – Red Bud Parade Itinerary. At rehearsal I asked everyone to plan on getting there a little early (any time between 11:30-noon) to get show shirts distributed.
  • Tuesday, June 30 – rehearsals as normal:
    • Percussion 2-5pm, join full rehearsal 6-8:30pm
    • Guard 4-8pm
    • Full Marching 100 rehearsal 6-8:30pm
  • Thursday, July 2 – Full Marching 100 rehearsal – 10am – 12noon. This rehearsal is scheduled during the time we’ll be marching in the VP parade to get used to the heat/sun/etc. Summer school students will be excused, but please let me know. Also, let me know if anyone needs a ride – we can work something out!
    Guard will need to be at this rehearsal, and they will not rehearse that afternoon.
  • Friday, July 3 – Percussion rehearsal 2-6pm
  • Saturday, July 4 – VP Parade – VP Parade itinerary
    • The VP Parade will be broadcast on KMOV (Channel 4) starting around 10am. The Alton High color guard has also been asked to participate in the broadcast finale, which will take place in the World’s Fair Pavilion – we don’t know yet what this means, but keep the DVR going all the way to the end of the broadcast!!!
    • Forest Park is a beautiful location for the parade, and will get you some great pictures of the band. Here’s a link to the parade route if you’d like to come down to cheer us on!
  • The week after – July 5 – 11 – is totally free! The only rehearsal we’ll have that week is Mr. Jarden’s Wednesday Jazz Band. No percussion, guard, or 100 rehearsal!

The weather looks like it’ll be great for both parades, but please encourage your student to get outside, get moving, and to give up soda/junk food for the week. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits/veggies/lean protein and getting accustomed to moving outside will keep them much more comfortable. Getting into the habit now will help get them through band camp as well!

Just a heads up, we will start some light physical training (jumping jacks, squats, calf raises, push ups, light running, etc.) at our July rehearsals. Marching band is a physical activity!

A note about Band Camp supplies:

If anyone would like to donate items for band camp by purchasing on Amazon please use the link below.  You will find a list of suggested items. You can either purchase from this list or click the button to go to the regular Amazon site from this page.  There are instructions if you would like to ship your items directly to the band room!  Remember, if you purchase your items this way, not only does the band benefit from receiving the needed items, but ABOB gets up to 6% of your sale returned back to us!
 Anytime you make a purchase through Amazon if you go through the ABOB Amazon store link or the Amazon link on abob.net, ABOB will receive up to 6% of your total purchase price and you don’t have to pay anything extra!  This is a great program for us because it doesn’t require anything extra except for a few clicks of the mouse!
Right now there is a wonderful promotion that we would love for you to share with your friends and family.  Until the end of June, anyone who uses the link (on abob.net) and signs up for a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime will earn ABOB a $10 referral fee.   Just think, if each Marching 100 kid got 2 family members to sign up for the 30 day free trial, we could potentially raise over $3000 for ABOB!!!!  That’s half of our uniform payment for the year!
To access the ABOB Amazon link, simply visit www.abob.net and click the big “Shop. Connect. Enjoy” Amazon box you’ll see on the right hand side. For the Prime promotion, click the big “Prime” box below it. It’s quick, easy, and adds up! Thanks!
See you this weekend!

Minutes of May Meeting


Minutes of the Meeting

May 18, 2015



Amy Hillery-President
Vickie Schilling-Vice President
Ed Gray-Financial Sec.
Cindy Kirbach-Treasurer
Greg Cash-Secretary
Mike Haynes-Communications
Rose Lammers-Craft/Vendor Fairs
Paula Fritz-Hospitality
David Fritz-Hospitality
Tom Pullen-abob.net



Laura Plummer; Alyssa Cudney

Penny Boedeker, Jamie Pullen


President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. Minutes of the March meeting were reviewed. Seeing no additions or corrections, Paula Fritz made the motion to accept, second by Mike Haynes, motion carried. There was no April 2015 meeting due to schedule conflicts.

Treasurer Cindy Kirbach presented the financial report, showing all year end totals for income and expenditures. Paula Fritz made the motion to accept the report as presented, second by Mike Haynes; motion carried. The 2015-16 Proposed Budget was then presented. Discussion was held and areas of change highlighted. Mike Haynes made the motion to accept the budget as presented, second by Vickie Schilling; motion carried.



Laura Plummer highlighted the end of the year orchestra events, including the spring musical and the orchestra concert which featured Arion soloist Madison Bemis. She noted that this has been a very special class of seniors. They will be playing the Star Spangled Banner for commencement. She announced that Joel Foltz has been hired as the new choir director to replace the retiring Bev Kramer.

Alyssa Cudney reported that the band is also having an active spring. The spring concert featured Arion soloist Hope Cash; they will be playing for graduation; and the Marching 100 will be performing in the Memorial Day parade. There are currently 159 members in the new class of the M100.

Middle School report – Spring concert was held on May 12. Julie Carter and Sally Pearce both took a pie in the face from the winners of their top practicing students; Coffee Concert was a huge success, collecting donations for the McKinney Vento fund to help homeless/displaced kids. They are touring the elementary schools to promote the string program to upcoming 4th graders; Schumann is playing for the 7th & 8th grade award ceremonies; they are promoting their string camp which is held the week before school begins in August.



Communications-Mike Haynes had no report.

ABOB.net-Tom Pullen reported that a good bit of information is being posted to the site, with Alyssa Cudney as the top poster. He has added a PayPal link for parents who wish to pay band camp fees electronically.

Ways & Means- Mr. Fundraiser is set to kick off the first full week of school in August. Cardinal Calendars will be added as a new fundraiser for the fall. If the Vendor Fair and Car Wash are to be held they will need coordinators to step up soon.

Uniform Fundraiser-The recently held Button Day was a great success, both in terms of the support from hosting businesses and the students who participated. The next one will be held October 17, 2015. The group continues to meet to plan fundraising efforts. A great thank you to Jamie Pullen for helping to organize these.

Trivia Night-It is scheduled for Oct. 16, 2015 at the Atrium Hotel. Chairs are needed for baskets and round sponsors.

Hospitality-Dave and Paula Fritz reported that everything went well with the receptions for the Arion soloists. They are currently prepping for the summer parades and 1-2 Camp.

Craft Fair-Rose Lammers reported that the June 1 due date for saving a spot is quickly approaching. They currently have 90+ applications in.



Alyssa Cudney reported that as an addition to the student’s 1-2 Camp, she will be holding a Parent’s 1-2 Camp on June 9 at 6:00pm in the auditorium. It is intended for first and second year parents to provide information on camp, competitions and CPR/1st Aid training. She also reported that she has been approached by student Sydney Shansey with ideas on fundraising for the purpose of new instrument purchases. Some ideas include a 5K Run and a movie night.


The slate of officers for the 2015-16 ABOB Board was presented:

President – Amy Hillery

Vice President – Vickie Schilling

Financial Secretary – Ed Gray

Treasurer – Cindy Kirbach

Secretary – Penny Boedeker

Communications – Mike Haynes

Ways & Means – Cortney Frosch

Craft Fair – Rose Lammers & Kathy DeWitt

Hospitality – Paula Fritz

ABOB.net – Tom Pullen


Seeing no nominations from the floor, Mike Haynes made the motion to elect all presented officers, second by Rose Lammers; motion carried. Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm.


Next Meeting: Monday, June 22, 2015 at 7:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Greg Cash

Outgoing Secretary


Percussion schedule – Tuesday, June 23


Due to the DCI Show tomorrow, percussion will only rehearse from 6-8:30pm (with the rest of the 100) tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23.

If you have a ride, feel free to go watch the Cadets drum and bugle corps rehearse at Greenville High School.

Thanks for your flexibility! Be ready to go at 6pm tomorrow night!


Marching 100 Reminders – 6/18/15

Hello! Just a couple of reminders:
  • We will have notaries present after rehearsal (8:30pm) on Tuesday, June 23 if you’d like to get the medical form turned in! Medical Information Form
  •  This was discussed at parent 1-2 Camp, but the Rosewood Heights Fire Dept. is hosting a Free CPR Class, open to anyone who is interested. It’s on Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 8:30am – 11:30am at the Rosewood Heights Fire Protection District – 45 East Airline Drive. You do need to RSVP by calling 618-259-3311.
    CPR Class 2015


  • Our first parade is in a little over a week! We’ll travel to Red Bud, IL for their Firemen’s Parade on Sunday, June 28 – Red Bud Parade Itinerary
  • Just a reminder that we do have two rehearsals the week of June 29 to prepare for the VP Parade – Tuesday, June 30 – 6-8:30pm (as usual) and Thursday, July 2 – 10am – 12 noon. We schedule this rehearsal so we can feel what marching during the actual VP Parade time will feel like (heat, sun, etc.) Summer school students will be excused (please let me know). If your student will need a ride, please let us know ASAP – we can help!
  • Band Camp Needs: A message from Joy Sawyer:
    Hello Parents,

    Here is a list of items the kids need donated for band camp.  I know Band Camp doesn’t start until July 27 but this gives us more time to get donations in and know how much more we need.   The band is bigger this year than last so we will need even more donations.  I can give a basic idea of the amount of supplies we go through……last year we used 62 of the 50 ounce (large) powder Gatorade mix.  That is with the kids getting ice water in the morning and Gatorade in the afternoon.  If we get enough Gatorade we can do some in the mornings too.   The kids ate 120 cans of can pineapple chunks and 32 gallons of fresh grapes.  We freeze these in small portions and the kids like to eat the cold fruit when they are hot.  That’s just a basic idea.  I think the band has grown by around 50 kids-we serve all the kids at band camp-pit, flags, everyone.  So any donation you can make is helpful.
    *Gatorade powder  50 ounce cans, I know you can find them at Walmart.
    *Can pineapple chunks-not crushed
    *Animal Crackers
    *Cheez Its-any brand
    *Fresh Grapes-we usually wait til right before Band Camp or during to collect
    *Sunscreen spray type.
    *You can also make a financial donation if it is easier for you and I can go shopping to buy what we are low on.
    It is better to buy the larger bags of items when possible since it cuts down on paper waste.  If the kids get the individual size items, we have lots of paper flying around and lots of food tossed out too since they can’t take food on the field.
    Please also keep in mind that if you buy these items through Amazon (link on ABOB.net) we get a portion of the proceeds back! Amazon Link
    I will be at rehearsals so you can send your donations in anytime.  If I’m not there, which I should be, just have your child give it to Ms. Cudney and I will check in with her.  If you have any questions just let me know.  I’d be happy to find the answer if I don’t know.
    Don’t worry I’ll send more reminders and keep you updated on what it looks like we might need more of as donations come in.
    Thanks for all your help and support for the band!
    If you’d like to contact Joy, you can do so at joysawyer33@gmail.com
  • Please encourage at home practice of both marching and playing the parade tune. At this point your child knows what they should look/sound like. Ask them to play the parade tune for you (both looking at it and from memory). Ask them to show you mark time, horns up, hindu, correct posture. Have them go outside and march around! :)
    If performing for you absolutely horrifies your child, please encourage them to practice on their own in front of a mirror – checking horn angle, posture, etc.
    Also, the more water they drink and the more they’re outside being active the easier this all gets! Thanks for the help!

Have a fantastic weekend!