7/8 grade supplies and info

Below is a list of supplies that are needed for 7th and 8th grade orchestra. Please have these by Wednesday of this week! (Aug 30)

Materials for class:

Students are expected to have all necessary materials for class each class period. Failure to do so could result in loss of participation points

  • Instrument (cellos and bass may use the instruments in the room)
  • Shoulder pad (violin and viola only)
    • Sponge ok for 6th grade
    • 7/8th grade you need a hard shoulder pad! Go to Halpin or find one online. I can give you names of brands if you need.
  • Method Books
    • 6th-Orchestra Expressions Bk 1
    • 7th-Essential Elements Bk 2 (Purple book)
    • 8th-Essential Elements Bk 3 (Green book)
  • Sheet music
  • Pencil
  • AMS orchestra polo (order form in handbook if you need a new one)