Disney Trip Departure Meeting Notes (10/17/18)

Hello! Thanks for a great meeting last night – We’re set up for a FANTASTIC trip! 

We had some folks who had to leave early/couldn’t attend. We will get your students the hand outs today, and here’s a recap!

  • You should have several items:
    • A Tour Itinerary booklet with the traveler’s name on it
    • 2 neon orange luggage tags – these go on your luggage and carry on
    • A blue/black MTC string bag. Please use a sharpie to put the traveler’s name on the inside of the bag – we all got the same one! 
    • A yellow Trip Rules & Expectations form. You can also find that here: AHS Music Dept. Trip Rules & Expectations
    • Sign & Return the trip rules & expectations form – this must be in before boarding the bus on Tuesday!!!
    • Join the trip’s remind – text @1810-6-83 to 81010. This is not optional for travelers!
    • Be sure each traveler’s cell phone number is on our master list – adults can email it to me (aovermann@altonschools.org) and we’ll get student’s today in class. 
    • Review the tour itinerary booklet/start making plans for fast passes/what you want to do in the parks with your group.
  • We also reviewed how Tuesday will flow and safety for on the trip. You can find all the information on this powerpoint: Disney Logistics & Communication 
  • Here are some highlights:
    • Tuesday, students will need to bring their carry on/luggage to school with them. The auditorium will be open for them to drop it off, and will be secure all day. Each student traveler will be assigned a class period to come down and have their bags searched by an administrator. 
    • We will also be checking in medication on Tuesday morning – please have all medication (over the counter or prescription) clearly labeled with instructions. Please don’t just send pills in a ziplock!
    • Double & triple check that you have all parts of your uniform for performances – Disney will pull anyone who is missing parts! 
    • If you are leaving a car at AHS, please park by the tennis courts and leave this sign in your dash – Adult parking. Students who are leaving a car need to park in their spot. 
    • For communication on the trip please save this phone number: 1-314-472-5538. This will ring or text directly to Mrs. Overmann’s phone. Both those on the trip and those at home may use it if needed! 

That’s it! Please let your student’s director know if you have any questions – we’ll be reviewing info. with students who couldn’t make it as well. Here we go!!!