2018 Music Department Disney Trip Meeting Information


Thanks for your patience while we got all the information sorted out! Here is what we went over at the meeting on Thursday, 11/16:

  • Trip Meeting Powerpoint
    • This powerpoint provides a TON of information:
      • Background information on MTC
      • Trip dates/general itinerary
      • Trip Pricing & payment dates
      • Important dates: general timeline, payment due dates, fundraising due dates, cancellation dates, etc.
      • Step-by-step guide to using MTC’s website to register for the trip and make payments! Our trip number is: 1810-6-83
      • Contact information for MTC – any registration/payment questions or concerns can go to them! Ben Hilmer is our main contact: ben.hilmer@musictravel.com.
  • Alton 2018 4.0 – a printable general itinerary/pricing/payment information

These two items should provide all the information needed to get the trip on your calendar, get registered, and start making payments! Please do so as early as you can (helps us plan!)


We have a wonderful team of parents working on trip fundraisers:

  • Band: Sara Keith, Amy Miller (amiller@altonschools.org), Jennifer Patridge, Sarah Wallace
  • Choir: Angel Goodrich
  • Orchestra: Jamie Pullen

Please feel free to contact any of them or any of the directors with questions!

Here’s the current fundraising information:

  • Please be on time with deadlines! We are offering fundraising to help offset costs – all orders/money/information must be in on time – with this big of a group we cannot accept any late fundraisers.
  • Popsockets are scheduled to be in tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/5). Our plan is to have our first “Check In” at the Wednesday band concert. We’ll have a table set up as you walk into AHS – you can drop off money and get your popsockets then!
    Popsocket Photo
    Popsocket Order Form
  • Breakfast with Santa: We will have a Chris Cakes all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast on Sunday, December 17 from 10am-1pm in the AHS Commons. Breakfast is $8, and includes a picture with Santa! Students will get profit from folks giving the student’s name when they pay at the door. For advertising purposes, we have the following flyers to cut out/hand out!
  • Brooms! It’s time for the annual Marching 100 Broom Sale!!! Brooms are on order, and will be in soon (no timeline just yet). Brooms will sell for $10 each with about 50% student profit. We will have dates to come pick up brooms when we have them!
  • Cookbook: It’s been YEARS since we’ve had a good music dept. cookbook, so we’re going to give it a try. First thing we need is your recipies! Please fill out the following form and return it to your student’s music director.  We’ll then get the book going!
  • Working Cardinals Games – we met with the folks at Busch Stadium to discuss parents working Cardinal’s games as a fundraiser. It is a very do-able way to raise some funds, but we’d like to have a meeting to gauge parent interest/availability before we make a commitment. We’ll have this meeting on Wednesday, December 13 at 6:30pm in the AHS Band Room – this will be for only those interested in working Cardinal’s games to fund raise.

This is just the beginning of trip fundraising! Our goal is about one a month. Please keep in mind that these are all optional – you can participate in all or none of them! We have had students completely fund raise their trip in the past – it’s do-able if your kiddo hustles! They can also work on their own – mowing lawns, washing cars, walking dogs, babysitting, etc. to pay for their trip. A trip payment would also make a great Christmas gift! We’re just trying to give everyone an opportunity to go.

Please contact us with any questions! We know it’s a lot of information to digest – we’ll get out reminders as well!