Trip Fundraisers!!! (9/21/16)

Hello! Just a couple of updates about trip fundraisers:

Hello! It’s been a busy start to this marching season! Lots of rehearsals, lots of planning, lots of running around, and lots of FUNDRAISERS! I wanted to drop a quick note to remind parents that all of our Marching 100 Trip fundraisers are 100% OPTIONAL. You can do as many as you want, as few as you want, or none! These opportunities were planned to help parents pay for the upcoming trip to Nashville (Spring 2017). A band trip can be a financial burden on a family, especially those that may have more than one student in the band. We’ve planned a variety of sales and events to try and put something out there for everyone. Below, you will find the list of upcoming fundraisers with the percentage your student can earn towards their trip, so YOU the parent can pick and choose which fundraisers fit your needs. Tired of seeing fundraising materials come home? No problem! I come to the school and pass out the fundraising materials personally – just let your child know to tell me “no” when I ask if they would like to participate.
Percentage Earned Per Student:
TJ’s Pizza (finished 9/20): 40% total individual sales
Alton Calendars (started 9/20): $10 for every $15 calendar
Trash Bags (late October): 40% total individual sales
Pancake Breakfast (December 14): 50% ticket cost
Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Macie Henkhaus
M100 Trip Fundraising Mom


Speaking of Calendars – we kicked them off last night!!! Please see the information below:

Dear Parents,

We are happy to introduce our first ever original ABOB Calendar Trip Fundraiser!

It is a 16 month, 11×11 calendar featuring original photos of the Riverbend by local artists. The calendar goes through December 2017. Local businesses generously sponsored ads in the calendar which helped us keep costs low and profits high for your students!

Calendar Price = $15 each

Student Profit = $10 each

Your student may take 5 calendars at a time. Once they bring back the money for the sale of those calendars ($75) they may take 5 more. We only have 750 calendars and 124 kids are going on the trip- so kids need to take advantage of this great profit opportunity quickly!

The only exception to the 5 calendar rule is if you would like to pay for more calendars up front.

There will be a check in with students on Oct 6th, they must either turn in their unsold calendars, money, or some combination of the two by that date. If they are selling successfully and would like to keep selling (and we still have calendars) that is great! However if they have not sold anything, we will collect their calendars for students who are selling actively.

Please note: if a student takes calendars home to sell, there will be a hold placed on their school account until they pay for the calendars.

Please contact Macie Henkhaus (Trip Fundraiser Chair) at 618-616-2892 or Cortney Frosch (Ways and Means Chair) at 618-406-6146 with any questions.

Thank you!