Memorial Day Info

Good morning M100 families!

A full itinerary for the Memorial Day Parade has been uploaded to the Charms calendar. If you’ve already synced your phone calendar with Charms, you should already see the itinerary in your phone calendar when clicking on the event. If you have not yet synced your phone calendar to Charms, you can access the Charms calendar on the Charms website or the Charms app. 

Please check the itinerary and make sure you know where you/yourchild needs to be and when. 

We are also in need of volunteers for the parade. You can sign up for a volunteer spot on the Charms calendar. Scroll to the date and click the multi-colored hand icon below the event name. Once you click the hand, you will see the volunteer opportunities available for the parade. Volunteers are on a first come, first serve basis. Just fill out the info requested and click save. Thanks in advance to those who sign up to help us!

In preparation for the Memorial Day Parade, we will be having a full M100 rehearsal on Thursday, May 27 from 3-5:30pm at AHS. Please wear athletic clothing and tennis shoes to this rehearsal and all other M100 rehearsals. 

Lastly, if you have not yet added a parent/guardian to your Charms account, please do so immediately. We want to ensure that all families are kept in the loop. It is of the utmost importance that you add a parent/guardian account to your student account and update their contact information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!