Marching 100 Button Day

Support Marching 100 and get a cool new “retro” looking button.

St. Louis Bread Company (9a – 1p)
Alton Farmer’s Market (8a -12p)
Quality GM Cars (9a – 1p)
Halpin Music Co (10a – 1p)
Mr. Donut (7a -11p)
Schnucks, Alton [by KMart] (9a – 1p)
Shop n Save (9a – 1p)
Eppel’s Pantry (9a – 1p)
The Gift Box (10a – 1p)

If you are unable to catch us at one of these locations, please consider going to and help the cause.

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Plan Your Saturday…

Start out your day at Mr. Donut. Grab a dozen or so of your favorite Honey Glazed donuts and grab a Marching 100 button.

We all know that St. Louis Bread Co has amazing coffee, so swing past there a get a cuppa-joe and grab another button.

Of course, no breakfast would be complete without some fruits and veggies so we are off to the Alton Farmer’s Market for something locally grown and delicious…and of course a Marching 100 button.

All this driving may be hitting the gas tank so drop by Eppel’s Pantry and fill up your tank….and purchase another Marching 100 button.

Your next stop should be Halpin Music (they open at 10 folks) and you can get a Marching 100 button, and grab some much needed band or orchestra supplies in the process.

From here, you really are going to need a larger vehicle so drop by Quality GM Cars on the Homer Adams Parkway. A nice GMC Yukon would be perfect to help with the rest of the day’s running….oh and grab a Marching 100 button while you are there.

Since there is so much space in the back to the Yukon, you will be able to stop and both the Alton Schnucks and Shop n Save to stock up on groceries for the week, while collecting your 7th and 8th buttons.

Finally, it is time to do something nice for yourself (after you drop off the groceries of course). Spend the rest of the day browsing the Gift Box for just the right something for you….Oh, and buy one more button.

Have a great Saturday, courtesy of Marching 100!!!!