Important – Nashville Update – 2/2/17

Hello! Just needed to get some information out:

  • Our Trip Departure Meeting will be Monday, March 27 at 6pm in the AHS Commons (cafeteria). This meeting is mandatory – please be sure a representative from your family can make it! We hand out all kinds of needed items and information at this meeting, and Ben from Music Travel will be here to answer any last minute questions.
  • We’ve done a lot of checking on this in class this week – please check to be sure that you weren’t bumped from the trip from “lack of payments” and/or that you have actually signed up for the trip.
    Most everyone is in good shape – this should only effect about 15 people. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Bumped accounts will need to contact Ashley ( or Barbara ( to get re-added to the trip. You can also call during business hours – 1-800-616-1112. They will also need to coordinate a payment plan to get their account caught up.

      New accounts will need to contact Ashley ( or Barbara ( or Ben ( once they are at computer and ready to registered. Registration will be turned off otherwise. They will need to make a payment to get added to the trip.Anyone who needs to cancel: We will honor refunds for cancellations through the end of the week, simply because there has been so much change with the traveler list.

      All other registration issues should be sent to Ashley ( or Barbara ( before Friday.

  • All fundraising monies have been applied to each student’s trip account. You can log on to your Music Travel account to check and see how much money your student has in their account. If you have any questions about fundraising monies, please let me know.
  • I do not have a final trip cost just yet (should be very soon). I’ve been telling folks to plan on $500, but it should hopefully be just under that – all depends on numbers and how many buses we need.

We’re 57 days out! It’s going to be a GREAT trip!!!