Dine out at Applebees/Trivia Night Baskets!!!


Just a couple of things coming up:

Please print out the attached flyer if you plan on attending the ABOB Dine Out Night at Applebee’s next Wednesday, September 21 from 4-9pm at the Homer Adams Applebees. You must present a flyer in order for ABOB to receive credit! abob-applebees-flyer-1

Please note: sales tax and gratuity do not figure into the total from which the percentage is taken. Also, beverages are not counted, just food items.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Also, please see below for a message from Jen Patridge:

Dear ABOB family,

On Friday, October 21st ABOB will be hosting a trivia night at the Best Western. During trivia night, ABOB will be holding an auction for several baskets put together by different ABOB groups: woodwinds (flute, clarinet, and saxophone), brass, low brass, percussion, color guard, drum major and orchestra. Many Thanks to the group leaders (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you): Woodwinds- Penny Boedeker– theme: Spa, Low Brass- The Pullens– theme😕 , Percussion- Laura Shansey– theme: Holiday Decor, Drum Majors- Cortney Frosch– theme: Movie Night, Brass-Jen King– theme: ?, Color Guard- Tonya Duke- theme: Coloring Books and Orchestra- Ruth Waggener- theme:? . Each group will need donations for their baskets. If you would like to help with collecting for your group or if you need more information, please contact your group leader or you can contact me, Jennifer Patridge.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Jennifer Patridge 618-604-8306 (call or text) or u2bunny@charter.net

Woodwinds: Penny Boedeker 618-304-9768 – Spa
Brass: Jen King
Low Brass: Tom or Jamie Pullen (Jamie) 618-792-1870
Percussion: Laura Shansey– Holiday Decor
Drum Majors: Courtney Frosch– Movie Night
Color Guard: Tonya Duke 618-789-0035- Coloring Books
Orchestra: Ruth Waggener

Group leaders; please send me your basket theme by the end of the week. Some ideas for baskets:

Game Night
Kids Themes (boy or girl; craft, fun things, etc)
Kids books
Teen basket

Or whatever else your section would like to do. Please keep baskets to around $40 to $75 and the due date for the Baskets is October 18th. Thank you! jp