Band Update – 3/23/20

Happy Monday!

It’s Monday, so a band update seems normal. Not too much to report:

  • Due to the extension of school closure due to the “stay at home” order, there will be NO music activities or events now through Tuesday, April 7. I’m so hopeful we can return sooner rather than later!
  • All activities will be rescheduled:
    • Percussion Ensemble concert will be moved (not on the 31)
    • We will reschedule the Marching 100 kickoff meeting (not on April 1)
    • Jazz on a Spring Evening will be moved (not on April 2)

M100 Drumline – Ms. Edwards posted the drumline audition info. on the percussion Google Classroom today. It includes dates and music to start looking at. *Please know all dates are subject to change, but we’re going to try to keep everything moving! 

Classwork – We have been posting LOTS of things on Google Classroom. We are getting 4th quarter playing tests, scales, Fine Arts Critiques, etc posted so they can just be out of the way for when we return. We will also be sending out supplemental materials for students to work on.

What we REALLY NEED is for students to keep playing – not doing so will really hurt us for the big end of year activities – musical, orchestra, spring band concert, etc. I’m going to try to record a blue book warm up today – we’ll see if I can figure it out 🙂
Students need to play a little bit every day! Each band has music they can look at, they can get their playing tests done, run through a blue book warm up, etc. We really cannot afford to come back and be at square one! Thanks for encouraging them to give mini-concerts at home!

I’ve been sent some really cool links for students to check out:

  • Thinking about auditioning to be a Marching 100 drum major in the fall? U of I Band Director Barry Houser is hosting a webinar this Thursday, March 26 at 7pm CST:
    • To join: Download ZOOM to your device (free… no account needed)
    • At the event time, open the app and click “Join a Meeting”
    • Enter the meeting ID: 946 054 074 
    • Allow any mic/video device permissions
  • Ms. Edwards has found lots of cool things to check out – a TED talk with the conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, checking out Musescore to write out music, etc. All of this is posted on Google Classroom!
  • Jazz Trombonist Harry Watters is posting warm up videos each day. You can start here: Social Distancing Warm Up 1
  • There are so many music opportunities right now on Facebook and other social media sites – if you find something great, let us know!

Ms. Edwards and I will be available from 8am-12noon each day for students throughout the break:

  • We will be checking email regularly
  • I’ve turned my Google phone number back on – students can call or text if they have questions or need help with anything. They can call or text it at 314-472-5538. It rings to my cell phone!
  • Students can reply to Remind texts
  • We are also working on video chat options – we’re hoping we can get some individual lessons going this week!

That’s what we know this week.

In the meantime, please encourage music at home – it’ll help!!! 
Let your kiddos know we miss them, and give them a washed hand high five for us (y’all know I don’t hug very often 🙂 )

Stay safe & healthy!