Band Camp Info

Good evening M100! I hope this email finds you well as you prepare for band camp tomorrow. Please read the following info below as it has pertinent info for the next two weeks of camp. 

Schedule Week 1 Mon-Wed/Thurs

1-2: Music
2-3: Flutes/battery vis. Block
3-4: WW vis block

4-5: Brass vis block
5-6: Music

Large snack breaks (15-20 minutes)
Flutes/Battery: 3-3:15

Front Ens: 3:30-3:45
WW’s: 4-4:15

Guard: 4:30-4:45
Brass: 5-5:15

Week 2 (may begin Thursday of week 1)

When drill is present:
1-1:30: Music

1:30-3: Flutes/battery drill

3-4:30: WW’s drill
4:30-6: Brass drill

Guard feel free to learn drill on separate practice field

Large snack breaks (15-20 minutes)

Flute/battery: 3-3:15

WW’s: 4:30-4:45

Brass: 2:30-2:45

Front Ens: 3:30-3:45
Guard: 4-4:15

We have two schedules reflected above for camp. One schedule will be used when we are not learning drill (since our drill writer is writing new drill to fit the music). Once drill is acquired, we will use the second schedule above.

Students should have the following items with them each day for band camp:
– Instrument
– Show Music (handed out at camp)

– Warm-Up book (Foundations for Superior Performance)

– Drill chart (handed out at camp)
– Pencil
– Water Bottle

– Weather-appropriate clothing 

– Proper shoes to march in (no sandals, crocs, chacos, etc…)

– Sun protection items (hats, sunglasses, sun screen, etc..)

– Great attitude!!

Please be sure that students are drinking water regularly throughout the day/evening (not only when at camp). It is also extremely important that students eat a healthy breakfast and lunch prior to camp each day and get enough sleep each night. 


We will be holding a show shirt design competition this year. We would like any artistic student interested to design a show shirt for this season. All designs must be submitted no later than this Friday of camp. All students will vote on their favorite design and the winning design will be our show shirt. The student with the winning design will get their show shirt free of charge. All submissions are welcome! Please bring your design in by Friday. 

For those considering to enter a show shirt design, here is some info on the show. The concept of our show is space and features the following tunes:

Star Wars (Main Theme) – Williams

Fly Me to the Moon – Sinatra

Starboy – The Weeknd

We will plan on meeting with ALL M100 members each evening at 6pm out in the parking lot (with masks on while maintaining distance) to debrief everyone at the same time. Because of this, the dismissal time may be closer to 6:15 rather than right at 6. I just wanted to make everyone aware of this, especially those who rely on someone for a ride. 

We’re looking forward to an excellent two weeks!! If you cannot make it to any part of band camp, please email me as soon as possible. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!!

Mr. Korte