M100 Member Jackets

Good evening M100 members! Mr. Griffin and I are excited to present to you our Alton Marching 100 member jackets which are on sale now at the link here: https://marching100jacket2021.itemorder.com/sale

These jackets look great and will keep you warm while you continue to represent the M100 at competitions/performances, out in the community, and at school! You can personalize your jacket with your name and section as well! These jackets are similar to a North Face brand jacket. They have a hard outer shell to protect against rain and wind and are quite warm as well!

The base cost of the jacket is $55. If you personalize the jacket with your name ($4) and section ($4) the total price is $63. We tried to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of the jacket. We are not making money on this store in an additional effort to keep the cost down. 
Our goal is that the majority of M100 members will purchase a jacket in order for all of us to have a uniform look at competitions (after we’ve performed of course) and to continue to have a heightened sense of Pride, knowing that we represent the M100 on and off the field. These jackets are not required, but again, it is our goal that many members will purchase if able. 

Keep in mind that these are member jackets. These are made to be purchased for M100 members only (not parents, siblings, other relatives, etc…)

If you are unable to purchase the jacket at this time, do not worry! You will have multiple opportunities throughout the year to purchase this jacket. The next store will take place some time in April.
This store closes on January 25! I will continue to send email reminders up until that date. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all! Have a fantastic week!

Blake Korte