Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2016

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2016


Amy Hillery – President
Vicky Schilling – Vice President
Penny Boedeker – Secretary
Paula Fritz – Hospitality
Mike Haynes – Communications
Ed Gray – Financial
Rose Lammers – Craft Fair

Kathy DeWitt – Craft Fair
Tom Pullen –


Laura Plummer

Tyler Jewel, Student Teacher


Jamie Pullen, Macie Henkhaus, Jill Mitchell,  Mary Pearson and Brian Belk

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. Minutes of the September meetings minutes were reviewed. Finding no additions or corrections,  Mike Haynes made the motion to accept, and  Tom Pullen seconded, motion carried. Laura Plummer presented financial report in the absence of Treasurer, Cindy Kirbach.  Mike Haynes made motion to accept report as presented, and          Tom Pullen seconded, motion carried.


Email from Alyssa Cudney – High School Band

  •  Final 3 contests in October at Potosi, Francis Howell and St. Genevieve
    • Won crowd favorite at Francis Howell and St. Genevieve.
    • Best Percussion in prelims at Francis Howell
    • 2nd place in class and 3rd overall out of 29 bands at St. Genevieve
  • This year was incredible – no we weren’t rewarded in many awards or trophies, but the kids have grown a TON musically (we stepped up the difficulty of the music this year), they kept pushing- through rain, defeat, high school drama… etc. until the very end, giving one of the best performances of the year in Ste. Genevieve.
  • Banquet is Friday October 28.
  • Auditions week of October 24 and then sit down to prep for Dec 7 concert.
    • Each of the 3 concert bands will play 2 tunes.

Thank you from Ms. Cudney:

A huge THANK YOU to all who helped plan the “surprise onesie shower” on Thursday.  I was totally surprised, and it was so much fun (and we have cake for days…and days…).  Eric and I feel so loved, and we’re glad we can celebrate with you and the kids as well.  26 days and counting…..

Laura Plummer – High School Orchestra

  • Lovejoy week music festival is November 3 at 7p at Lovejoy gym.  Jazz Combo performing.
  • ILMEA is November 4 in Edwardsville.  14 students from orchestra are performing
  • ILMEA Jazz is November 12.
  • Fall Orchestra concert is November 17 at 7pm.

Sally Pierce (email report) – Middle School Band and Orchestra


Hospitality: Paula Fritz

  • Asked for donations of 500 bottles of water received 2200.

Communications: Mike Haynes

  • Olgas communications
  • Cleaned up email lists.

Technology: Tom Pullen

  • Email address for ABOB board and teachers and frequent attendees

Uniform Fundraiser

  • Second annual Alumni night at Homecoming game on September 29.  The draw is playing with the band.  Future events just pick a place to meet rather than reserve a place.
    • Proposal to have alumni play with band each year but do party every 4 years
  • Button Days – Jamie Pullen
    • Have made some contacts but too early to book.

Ways & Means: Cortney Frosch

  • Butter braid fundraiser will start end of October.
  • Restaurant nights
    • Olga’s – October – Collected 71 fliers.  $365 raised
    • Luciana’s – November 12 open to close 7am – 2:30pm, 10% of all sales

Trivia Night – October 21 – Laura Plummer

  • Went very well.  Projected profit of $6000.
  • Discussed locations for next year.  Looking at Bluff City Grill banquet room and LCCC Commons.
  • Discussed raising prices for next year.  Proposal of raising table fee to $140.  Mike Haynes moved to raise price to $140 next year, Tom Pullen seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Trip Fundraisers – Macie Henkhaus

  • Riverbend Calendars
    • Have sold an additional $2500
  • Trash bags – Kicked off today
  • Pancake Dinner – December 14, 5-8pm

Craft Fair – Rose Lammers

  • Less than 30 booths available
  • Mugs have been ordered
  • Salvation army has asked if they can do bell ringers outside.  Tom Pullen made motion to approve Salvation Army doing bell ringers during craft fair, Mike Haynes seconded, all in favor motion carried.

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray

  • Nothing to report

Spring Vendor Fair – Jill Mitchell

  • Made some additional contacts.


  • No Old Business


  • Fundraiser Saturday after Thanksgiving for Blake Snyder family at Sportmans Club.  Requested some Marching 100 members to play Star Spangled Banner at beginning of event.
  • December 19 meeting/dinner location TBD, 6:30 pm.
  • Proposal for Corporate Sponsors for Marching 100.  Penny will call Republic High School for more information.

Next Meeting Scheduled for November  28, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Penny Boedeker