Executive Board Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2019



Ruth Waggener – President

Dawn Humphrey – Vice President                       

Ed Gray – Financial Secretary                                                           

Cindy Kirbach  – Treasurer                                                

Roger Waggener – Technology                                                          

Dave Fritz – Craft Fair                                                       

Jill Mitchell – Vendor Fair

TEACHERS IN ATTENDANCE:                                                                                  

Laura Plummer, Lexie Edwards

President Waggener called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Minutes of the September meeting have not been posted yet, so will be approved at the next meeting.  Cindy presented the treasurer’s report, noting that our audit is ongoing, and a few questions have been raised on how we have paid stipends.  Will wait for final audit report before implementing any changes.  Financial report was approved on a motion by Laura Plummer, and seconded by Jill Mitchell.

TEACHERS REPORT                                                                       

High School Orchestra – Laura Plummer

Full Symphonic Orchestra has begun, and last week visited the Middle School.  Upcoming events include:  November 6th – Music Department meeting with parents on what to expect at the college level as a music major;  November 7th – Lovejoy Concert held at Lovejoy Elementary School;  and November 21st – Fall Orchestra Concert held at Alton High School.  Eleven Orchestra students will be representing at ILMEA Carbondale.

High School Band – Lexie Edwards

Marching season is over.  Received Best Visual at Washington High School prelims, and qualified for finals.  Gave one of their best performances at BOA, with some really good musical moments and some awesome pictures.  Belleville East competition was moved to Belleville West, and held indoors due to weather, where we placed 3@4.  Eighth Grade Night, prior to General ABOB meeting, held at West Stadium, was a fun night with 29 8th graders in attendance.  The Halloween Parade is this Thursday Parade on Monday.  Emily Croxton and Fletcher Leonard will be representing Band at ILMEA Carbondale.

 Middle School – Sally Pierce (written)

– Schumann and Jazzio’s in full swing! Class orchestra also chugging along toward the Winter Concert. I’ve reminded the kids about Pastry order form turn in Wednesday.   We have 11 kids going to ILMEA (had 14 make it, two had to back out). Looking forward to a good concert on Saturday. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS                                                                                                           


Nothing  to report                                        

Communications – Tonya Duke (written)

I have not posted this month and need a Mail Chimp Graphics tutorial. Regular emails have been going out in regards to Craft Fair per schedules emails, but I did not set them up. Regular messages have been going out regarding Band Events on Social Media.                                                                                                                                               Technology – Roger Waggener

Info@ABOB.net is going to multiple people – not sure who all is receiving these messages.  Web site could use some work – will look into some changes to make navigation easier.        

Ways & Means

Laura Gibbs is our new committee chair, but works most Mondays, so may not be able to attend ABOB meetings.  Breakfast Pastry sales are coming to an end this Wednesday.  Cheese & Sausage fell $200 short of our goal – not bad for this fundraiser.  Button Days was a success, bringing in $2,066.19 towards our percussion purchase need.  The next DineOut is November 9th at Lucianna’s, 7:00am-2:30pm.                                                                                                                              


Nothing to report   

Craft Fair – Dave Fritz

Confirmation letters are going out this week.  We have two spots left to fill.  A Facebook Event has been created.  Held a meeting with Craft Fair committee last week – everyone is on schedule.  Still looking for a parking team.  Yard signs are ready to be placed.  Ed is working on updating large banners.  Advertising – Liberty and CNB are the remaining banks who will advertise on their signs.  The Advantage may do a story on Craft Fair.  A listing has gone to Riverbender calendar.  In contact with WBGZ.                                                                                                                 

Dinner Auction

Nothing to report.   

Vendor Fair

Nothing to report.

OLD BUSINESS                                                                                                                        

From last month – the Marching 100 ornament – discussions have begun, but no decision finalized.

NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                          

The Marching 100 Band-quet is coming.  Students are asked to bring a canned good as their entry ticket.  They may each reserve two additional spots @ $15 per.  Nicki G’s will be catering.  There will be no dance this year. 

Next meeting is scheduled for November 18.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Respectfully sumitted,

Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer