Executive Board Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2017

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2017


Members in Attendance:

Amy Hillery – President

Vicky Schilling – Vice President

Mike Haynes – Communications

Tom Pullen – ABOB.net

Rose Lammers – Craft Fair

Ed Gray – Financial

Paula Fritz – Hospitality


Teachers in Attendance:

Alyssa Overmann

Laura Plummer



Ralph and Carol Wheaton

Mary and Terri Pearson

Dave Fritz

Tonya Duke

Jamie Pullen


President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:05. Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed. No additions or corrections requested. Mike Haynes made the motion to accept, Tom Pullen seconded, and the motion carried. Ed Gray moved to accept the May Treasurer’s Report and Tom Pullen seconded. The board voted in approval. A $10 discrepancy in that report will be addressed and a copy of the proposed 2017 Budget posted on ABOB.net. The budget is on the table and will be voted upon at the June meeting.

Teachers’ Reports:

High School Orchestra (Laura Plummer)

  • Les Miserables was a fantastic production.
  • Spring Orchestra concert a success.

High School Band (Alyssa Overmann)

  • Band concert was a great way to end the year. Tim Jarden and Gary Banks were celebrated upon their retirements.
  • 6th Hour band will play Pomp and Circumstance at graduation. (No room for Freshman Band.) Kids will be fed between rehearsal on the afternoon of the 26th and the graduation ceremony (pizza/salad).
  • Marching 100 will march in the 150th Memorial Day Parade.

Middle School Report

  • Coffee Concert was successful and well attended.

Committee Reports:

Hospitality: Paula Fritz

  • Provided cake and punch receptions for the band and orchestra Arion award winners and 2 retirees. May need to purchase more cake next year, as they ran out both concert nights.

Communications: Mike Haynes

  • All is well/No new reports

Technology: Tom Pullen

  • abob.net remains “safe”.

Uniform Fundraiser: Jamie Pullen

  • $2519.48 earned on Button Days (May 8 and 9)
  • Uncertain as to how many new uniforms will need to be ordered, in addition to some odd sizes for smaller students. The band is expected to remain about the same size.

Ways and Means: Jamie Pullen

  • Will plan dinner fundraiser for June 13 at Riviera Maya.

Dinner Auction: Ed Gray

  • No new reports

Spring Vendor Fair

  • No report

Trivia Night

  • No new reports

Craft Fair: Rose Lammers

  • 100 contracts already received and three-fourths full
  • Reworking the menu with Aramark

Old Business:

 At last month’s meeting, there was a motion to nominate existing officers to retain their positions and all were in favor. Tonight the board voted on the motion and approved the following officers:

Amy Hillery – President

Vicky Schilling – Vice President

Penny Boedeker- Secretary

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer

No New Business

Next meeting will be June 26, 2017 at AHS. Plan to review the budget, fundraisers, and calendar.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Pullen