Executive Board Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2020


Ruth Waggener – President

Dawn Humphrey – Vice President

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer

Tonya Duke – Communications & Trivia Night

Roger Waggener – ABOB.net

Ed Gray – Financial

David Fritz – Craft Fair

Jill Mitchell – Vendor Fair

Penny Boedeker – Secretary



Laura Plummer, Alyssa Overmann, Lexi Edwards, Luke Griffin, Blake Korte

President Waggener called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.  Minutes from the May meeting were reviewed.   Ruth Waggener made the motion to accept minutes as written, Laura Plummer seconded, and the motion carried.

The financial report was reviewed by Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer.    Ruth Waggener made a motion to accept report as presented, seconded by Laura Plummer, motion carried. Jill Mitchell made a motion to award Alyssa Overmann a stipend for last year’s band camp, Dawn Humphrey seconded, motion carried.


High School Orchestra – Laura Plummer

  • Nothing to report

Middle School Orchestra and Band

  • Nothing to report

High School Band – Alyssa Overmann

  • Waiting for reply to email regarding starting band next month

Committee Reports:

Hospitality – Laura Plummer

  • Farewell for Overmann and Edwards July 2.
  • Planning meet and greet for new directors after July 4.

Communications – Tonya Duke

  • Nothing to report.

Technology – Roger Waggener

  • Updated old information on website.
  • Discussed getting Blake and Luke added to ABOB.net to post updated and to ABOB Board email group.

Ways and Means – Laura Plummer

  • Should receive about $400 from Olga’s dine out, next dine out scheduled for October.
  • We were offered 5000 sauce boss bbq tools free of charge to sell as fundraiser.  Decision made to accept all 5000 and will decide how much to charge for them and when to sell at later date.
  • Discussed scheduling future dine out at: Firehouse Subs, Roma’s (August), Bluff City Grill and Shivers.

Trivia Night – Tonya Duke

  • Waiting to see if able to hold event as scheduled.

Craft Fair – Dave Fritz

  • Emails coming in asking if we will still be having event and one request for refund.  Response has been that we are watching the COVID 19 guidelines closely.

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray

  • All but one winner of the Cardinals and Graduation tickets donated money.

Spring Vendor Fair – Jill Mitchell

  • We have 40 vendors staying on for next year’s event, 22 were refunded and 9 donated their fee.

Old Business:

New Business:

Next Meeting  – July 27, 2020 at 7pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:52pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Penny Boedeker