Executive Board Meeting Minutes – July 24, 2017

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders

Meeting Minutes
July 24, 2017


Amy Hillery – President

Vicky Schilling – Vice President
Penny Boedeker – Secretary

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer
Jamie Pullen – Ways and Means
Ed Gray – Financial
Tom Pullen – ABOB.net


Alyssa Overmann

Lexie Edwards


Tonya Duke

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm. Minutes of the June meeting were tabled for review in August. Treasurer, Cindy Kirbach, presented the financial report.  Tom Pullen made a motion to accept the report as presented, seconded by Vicky Schilling, motion carried.


Alyssa Overmann – High School Band

  • VP Parade was great.  Scored .25 away from placing and placed 3rd in music out of 12 bands.
  • Tuesday Thursday rehearsals started earlier this summer and have helped with preparation for parades and fall show.
  • Band Camp started today. Got first 2 pages on the field.

Laura Plummer – High School Orchestra

Nothing to Report



  • Meals are planned for band camp on Friday and Monday-Thursday of next week.


  • Sent dine out emails last month.

Technology: Tom Pullen

  • Button on site to reserve and pay for a full table for trivia night.

Ways & Means:  Jamie Pullen

  • Jennifer Partridge assisting with Tom Evans (Cheese & Sausage) and Zappa pack pizza fundraiser starting August 22
  • Upcoming dine outs:
    • Papa Johns – July 28-30
    • Shivers – August 3, 7-10 pm
    • Romas – August 9
    • Olga’s – September 13 (possibly Johnson Corner)
    • Panera – October 18
    • Riviera Maya – November 15
    • Luciana’s for December?
  • Dine out possibilities for next year:  Joe’s Pizza, DQ and McDonalds (March)
  • Button Days August 25 & 26 – No uniforms, show shirts and appropriate length shorts.
    • WalMart
    • Joe K’s
    • Eppels
    • Panera
    • Farmer’s Market – Need group to perform
    • Mr. Donut
  • Car Wash – August 19 at North Elementary and Bowl Haven
  • Looking into Walgreens fundraising event.

Trivia Night – Tonya Duke

  • September 15 – Best Western Premier (Holiday Inn)
  • Have 10 tales reserved

Craft Fair –

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray

  • March 17, 2018

Spring Vendor Fair – Jill Mitchell

  • March 24, 2018


  • Paula Fritz made motion to tabe constitution amendments until August meeting, Tom Pullen seconded, motion carried.


  • Explore options to communicate to 4th & 5th grade band and orchestra parents.

Next Meeting August 28, 2017, 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Penny Boedeker