Executive Board Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders
Executive Board Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2017 7:00 p.m.

  1. Open/Additions to Agenda/Introductions
    Amy Hillary
    Vicki Schilling
    Ruth Waggoner
    Cindy Kirbach
    Brien Belk
    Jill Mitchell
    Laura Plummer
    Rose Lammers
    Mike Haynes
    Ed Gray
    Amy Miller
    Julie Carter (AMS Orchestra)
    Tom Pullen
    Jamie Pullen
    Alyssa Overmann
  2. Meeting Minutes: table to next meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Cindy Kirbach reported (Tom moved; Mike 2nd)
  4. Teachers Reports
    1. HS Orchestra: Laura Plummer reports Allstate, 5 orchestra students, 1 band student, ? chorus. Les Mis Musical rehearsals beginning soon.
    2. HS Band: Alyssa Overmann reports Pep Band attended Hockey senior night; Concert; Sam Frosch all state; Bi-state SIUE 6 kids. (horrible notes here, I do know Sam made All state & I believe 6 kids attended or earned something!)
    3. Middle School Report: Julie Carter reports that Sally Pierce has a student teacher. They are busy with solo/ensemble, Jazzios, & chamber. Coffee concert meeting coming soon.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Hospitality: Fritz’s absent
    2. Communications: Mike sent info out for McDonald’s Dine out, Dinner Auction donations.
    3. Technology: Tom is checking on programs that will check your site etc. He’ll keep us updated on new information.
    4. Uniform Fundraiser: Jamie reports that she is contacting locations for Button Days. Most places didn’t want to be contacted until after February 1st. Shop n Save needs a new letter from ABOB for Button Days.
    5. Ways and Means: McDonald’s dine out was successful. McDonald’s suggested that we try it again in October. We are planning Papa John’s for February dine out.
    6. Trip Fundraisers: Wrapping up Calendars. Trip Company is paid in full, $13,986 kid funded.
    7. Dinner Auction: Invites ready to mail; Tony’s is creating a themed menu
    8. Spring Vendor Fair; 3-25-17, 21 booths paid, 12 in works
    9. Trivia Night: Looking at Godfrey KC Hall possibly
    10. Craft Fair: Looking to have can crushers for recycling aluminum cans this year.(Vicki will check with district to borrow them for the weekend); Update the food menu; 128 booths already booked for this year!
  6. Old Business: Jill take the leftover calendars to the Gift Box & they will sell for $5 each.
  7. New Business: ABOB will pay $1000, bill $445 for the Six Flags Shuman Trip for AMS Orchestra. ABOB received a thank you card from Alexandria Mattea for partnering with ABOB. & a Thank you card from Julie Carter & the Family of Shirley Carter for the flowers from ABOB for Julie’s mother in law’s visitation. ( I’m not sure if these need to be noted or not)
  8. Next Meeting – March 27, 2017
  9. Adjournment: 7:56 p.m.