Executive Board Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2020

ABOB Members in attendance:

Ruth Waggoner, Roger Waggoner, Laura Plummer, Alyssa Overmann, Ed Gray, Cindy Kirbach, Laura Shansey, Jill Mitchell, Tonya Duke, Dave Fritz, Paula Fritz, Lindsey Wolfford.

Meeting called to order shortly after 7:00 p.m. (I wasn’t in the room then so don’t have the specific time – DH).

Treasurer’s Report –

  • Craft fair profit slightly higher than projected
  • Still need to pay band camp stipend to Overmann (Plummer motion, Paula 2nd)
  • Treasurer’s Report accepted (Paula Fritz motion, Jill 2nd)

Teacher Reports –

  • HS Orch – Spring Recital, Stringsation upcoming;  All State was great experience
  • HS Band – Fletcher Leonard All State honors
  • Winterguard going to Edwardsville on 3/8
  • HS Winter Band Concert (NOT solo & ensemble concert anymore)
  • On Casmir Pulaski Day, Bands of America clinic at O’Fallon
  • AHS Musical – April 23-26, reserved seats
  • At AMS, Schumann Chamber performance at SSP was big success
  • 8th Grade Six Flags trip the day before Coffee Concert

Hospitality – 

  • Nothing for now

Communications – 

  • Nothing for now but will need to tag team it going forward

Technology – 

  • Continued improvements to website

Ways & Means –

  • $985 sales on Red Lobster Dine Out night so $95ish profit for ABOB

Trivia Night – 

  • Nothing for now.

Craft Fair –

  • Need new signs;  they are worn and would like to phase out wooden soldier
  • New contract is up on the website

Dinner Auction –

  • Doors at 5:30, Dinner at 7 (LCCC Hatheway Gallery)
  • Deadline is 3/5.
  • Have received gift cards to Halpin, Ruth Chris, New Frontier, Alton Refrigeration
  • Bennington autographed goalie mask!
  • Flat screen TV donated by Alton Refrigeration
  • Final push for tickets and donations

Spring Vendor Fair –

  • Pig on a Wing onboard and giving ABOB 10% of sales
  • Tonya has volunteers to plug in some spots
  • Need 6 people on doors (3 per shift) and a few parking people
  • Ed Gray handling printing of menus for contract packets and for at doors
  • Cathy Gray will print envelopes for vendor food orders
  • We need Jill in the office for the whole day to oversee operations

Old Business

  • Nothing outstanding.

New Business

  • ABOB Scholarship recipients selected tonight: Audrey Neace (Dunlope), Norah Hardin (full), Finnley Stevenson (half), Fletcher Leonard (full), Isaiah Christner (half).
  • Halpin wants prepayment for Solo & Ensemble rental pianos ($225 credit on repair?)

Next Meeting will be March 23, 2020 at 7:00.

Adjourned at 7:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Humphrey