Executive Board Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2019


Ruth Waggener – President

Dawn Humphrey – Vice President

Penny Boedeker – Secretary

Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer

Tonya Duke – Communications & Trivia Night

Ed Gray – Financial

Paula Fritz – Craft Fair

Jill Mitchell – Vendor Fair

Roger Waggener – Technology



Laura Plummer, Alyssa Overmann, Lindsey Wolford

President Waggener called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Minutes from the July meeting were reviewed.   Paula Fritz made the motion to accept minutes as written, Tonya Duke seconded, and the motion carried.

The financial report was reviewed by Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer.    Paula Fritz made a motion to accept the report as presented, seconded by Jill Mitchell, motion carried.


High School Orchestra – Laura Plummer

  • Good group of Freshman.  48 total students
  • Getting ready for ILMEA
  • All going well.

Middle School Band & Orchestra –

  • Lots of kids signed up for program in elementary.  Rally is Thursday night.  Email and dialer going out to all 4th and 5th grade parents.

High School Band – Alyssa Overmann

  •  Awesome camp, fantastic group of kids, great weather.
  • Will be learning movement 4 this week.
  • Debuted the show last Friday night
  • Percussion went to SIUE for clinic on Saturday.

Committee Reports:

Hospitality –

  • Still looking for someone to fill position.

Communications – Tonya Duke

  • Sent out email for Trivia Night
  • Sorting out email groups

Technology – Roger Waggener

  • Need to get access to make changes to email list.
  • Still working on selection of new host for web page.

Ways and Means – Laura Plummer

  • Still looking for someone to fill the position.
  • Roma’s dine out – $125.00
  • Shiver’s – still need to follow up
  • Fall fundraiser kickoff tomorrow and ends Sept 10, pickup Oct 8.
  • Olgas dine out October, Luciana’s in November.

Trivia Night – Tonya Duke

  • 9 tables booked and 18 still available.
  • Ruth organizing baskets for auction.  Need someone to head up low brass, flute and clarinets for M100 baskets.
  • Laura has questions finished.
  • Have a few volunteers for judging and check in.

Craft Fair – Paula Fritz

  • 146 crafters. Opened up extra space on 1st floor for more crafters.

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray

  • Nothing to report

Spring Vendor Fair – Jill Mitchell

  • 22 or 23 vendors.

Old Business:

  • Sent a plant to Rose Lammers upon death of her mother.

New Business:

  • Trailers are starting to show wear and tear.
  • Semi – safety tape is starting to come off.
  • Red trailer shelves are starting to break.

Next Meeting September 23, 7:00pm, Orchestra Room AHS.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Penny Boedeker