ABOB Meeting Minutes 9/26

ABOB Meeting Minutes 9/26

Members Present: 

Ruth Waggener and Roger Waggener
Dave and Paula Fritz
Ed Gray
Dawn Humphrey
Jill Mitchell
Jeanna Hasty
Laura Gibbs

Teachers Present:
Lindsey Wolfford
Blake Korte
Chuck Willard
Julianna Swanson

Called to order at 6:02pm
Minutes approved from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Bobo’s is in- Laura will give check to them, brought in $5,000+

Waiting to pay Halpin monthly

Teacher’s Report

HS Orchestra: Symphonic Orchestra had a perfect night and a good turn out for our concert at The Nature Institute. 

This week it’s the final push and prep for ILMEA auditions. I’ll have around 12 students auditioning. 

HS Band: Canceled football performance last week due to rain

Performed at EIU on 10/24

Busy weekend for M100 with football on Friday and Washington Comp Saturday 10/1

M100 will be served lunch out of ABOB budget line on Saturday

ILMEA auditions due next week

MS Report: ILMEA auditions

Elementary is up and running, numbers looking good

Jazz Band/Honors is starting up

Start thinking about purchasing smaller upright basses

Committee Reports

Hospitality: N/A, Brad and Allison will do Arion refreshments

Ways and Means: Bobo’s pickup tomorrow

Setting up Olga’s dine-out

Communications: N/A

Technology: N/A

Craft Fair: 118 contracts rec’d, 68% full, calls/voicemails being sent out

Business cards were made and passed out with info on front and QR code on back. Pass out 

Hallidays agreed to do concessions again

Need someone to shadow the Fritz’ for smooth transition when craft fair torch is passed on

Schwartzkopf was visited and given design

Craft 2023 is Dec 2nd and 3rd

Add instructions on how to access the guest WiFi in packets

Virtual Auction: N/A

Old Business

Vendor Fair is being taken over by AMS parent group, pre-paid vendor money needs to be transferred

Vendor Fair will take place at AMS

New Business

Riverbender livestream concerts??

Next Meeting – October 24, 2022

Adjourned at 6:55pm