ABOB Meeting Minutes 4/24/23

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Board Present:
Ruth Waggener
Dawn Humphrey

Teachers Present:
Blake Korte
Chuck Willard
Lindsey Wolfford

Others Present:
Laura Gibbs
David Fritz
Jeanna Hasty
Brad Donoho

Treasurer’s Report: Need to schedule budget meeting for next year. Went over treasurer’s report. 

Treasurer’s Report motion to approve: Blake Korte; Seconded: Chuck Willard

Teacher’s Reports: 

AHS Orchestra: The year is coming to a fast and furious end. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is going great!  We have a parent performance Tuesday. Shows are this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00.  Ticket info is posted on ABOB.net. 

Our Spring Orchestra concert is Thursday, May 11, 7pm. Arion soloists are Brody Macias and Victor Humphrey and they sound fabulous! 

AHS Band: Concert next Thursday at 7pm in auditorium. Arion soloist is Melanie Parker. Wind Ensemble selected to perform at U of I Superstate. Percussion auditions are wrapping up, results will be announced soon. Banquet is May 15, percussion concert May 17.  

MS Orchestra: Chugging along. Planning for final concert, Music in the Parks, Touring on May 11

Hospitality: Gearing up for Arion concerts with Band/Orchestra. Wants to recruit freshman parents to help out.

Ways and Means: Received check from Olga’s dine-out. Taco Tuesday at Taquiera Maya on May 9. Trying to get in touch with Gorilla Wash for a carwash fundraiser. Looking into Alton River Dragon’s Night. 

Communications: No report

Technology: No report

Craft Fair: Distributed Craft Fair ‘Business Cards’ 

Virtual Auction: Talked through lots of ideas on VA.  

Old Business: 

New Business: Motion to approve going over on AHS Orch. Budget Line: David Fritz; Seconded by: Brad Donoho

Next meeting: May 22, 2023

Meeting adjourned at 6:57