ABOB Meeting Minutes 11/28

ABOB Meeting Minutes11/28

Members Present: 

Ruth Waggener and Roger Waggener

Ed Gray

Dawn Humphrey

Jeanna Hasty

Laura Gibbs

Jill Mitchell

Teachers Present:

Lindsey Wolfford

Blake Korte

Chuck Willard

Called to order at 6:05pm
Minutes approved from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Craft fair money to be deposited
Paid guest artists for fall orch. Concert
Instrument repair

ILMEA Students Fees have been paid today

Prices for craft fair door: $3 Saturday, $2 Sunday

Approved Blake and Chuck’s stipend checks

Teacher’s Report

HS Orchestra: We had a great Fall Orchestra Concert on Tuesday, November 15. Thankfully I had it on a Tuesday, because the next day several students were out sick. 

10 orchestra students managed to get healthy enough to make it to ILMEA District Festival and had a great day with our conductor. 

5 are going on to All-State in January!  Brody Macias, Victor Humphrey, Ethan Fox, Stephen Whiteside, and Will Hussey.  

Symphonic Orchestra is returning to the University of Illinois Orchestra Clinic on February 18, 2023.

The kids are super excited for Craft Fair this weekend. We have a LOT signed up to help throughout the entire weekend, especially with move-in Friday night and Saturday morning starting at 6:30am. As long as they stay healthy we’ll be ok. 

HS Band: 

Four students made All-State: Melanie Parker (Band), Wesley LeBrun (Percussion-Orchestra), Joanna Halliday (Future Music Educator Seminar), Jackson Clayton (Composition)

Canceled Thanksgiving performance due to sick kids and weather forecast unfavorable

AHS/AMS concert this Thursday at 7pm in AHS Main Gym

After school rehearsal for concert ensembles Tuesday, 11/29

Wind Ensemble prepping for IMEC performance

Sending off first round of fundraising money

Bi-State Auditions due 12/10

MS Report: Participated in ILMEA 

Concert is next Thursday

Committee Reports

Hospitality: N/A

Ways and Means: Made $165 at LuciAnna’s dine-out

Communications: N/A

Technology: Need to move website. Roger recommends moving website to wordpress.com instead of using Tom Pullen’s account

Would cost $96, plug-ins would cost more

Need to look at email service as well…Roger recommends switching over to Gmail account for abob email

Jill Mitchell motions to move website to word press, Jeanna Hasty seconds, motion passes

Craft Fair: 

  • The show is all but full.  I have a few contracts out that are supposed to be returned via email and I believe these will fill our available spots.
  • I will contact WBGZ again tomorrow (Monday) to see about our radio spots.  I have not yet been offered the chance to be on their morning show as in years’ past.
  • I will be off on Thursday and Friday for any last-minute matters.
  • I will pick up the radios on Friday (and return them on Monday).
  • Paula and I traveled around this afternoon and discovered several of our new signs have been removed or are missing.  We think they are all from Godfrey Township.  Perhaps they were picked up Township wide as a clean up from the political signs (even though we waited to place ours until Veterans Day, after the election).  We need to revisit this method of advertising for future fairs.
  • We have asked Liberty Bank, Carrollton Bank, Karen Wilson’s and Macias Insurance’s offices to display our Fair on their marquees, but I have not seen them displayed yet.
  • Emails went out to District Principals to display them on each school’s marquees.  I have not been able to get to all of them, but I have seen them on several.
  • Thanks to Ed for getting the large vinyl signs updated and displayed.
  • Due to the basketball game Friday night, we will not be able to move in crafters in the Gym and Auditorium lobbies.  Lower square crafters will be gated off from basketball traffic and can enter from the main entrance.  We may need to staff someone at the Gym/Auditorium entrance to direct any crafters attempting to enter there to enter from the main entrance.  Crafters were notified in their confirmation letters of this change.  And we will then also need to make sure we have plenty of students available on Saturday morning when the doors open at 6:30, to move these crafters in and help set up.

Virtual Auction: N/A

Old Business

New Business

Next Meeting – 1/23

Adjourned at 6:38pm