ABOB Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8-21-17

Alton Band and Orchestra Builders
Executive Board Meeting Minutes
August 21, 2017

Members in Attendance:

Amy Hillery – President
Vicky Schilling – Vice President
Cindy Kirbach – Treasurer
Mike Haynes – Communications
Tom Pullen – ABOB.net
Rose Lammers – Craft Fair
Ed Gray – Financial
Jamie Pullen – Ways and Means
Jill Mitchell – Vendor Fair
Tonya Duke – Trivia Night

Teachers in Attendance:

Alyssa Overmann
Laura Plummer
Sally Pierce

President Hillery called the meeting to order at 7:09. Minutes from the July meeting were reviewed. No additions or corrections requested. Rose Lammers made the motion to accept, Mike Haynes seconded, and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Cindy Kirbach presented. It was noted that ABOB earned $91.00 through Schnuck’s from the sale of reusable shopping bags. Bonnie Finger, through a program called “Donate Well”, was able to earn $250 for ABOB. Monsanto turned her volunteer hours into a monetary donation. Also, the Absolute Quartet, composed of members of the AHS Class of 2017, gave a donation of $140 to ABOB, the amount of the tips they earned at one of their performances. A thank you card from the quartet was shared with the board. Tom Pullen moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and Laura Plummer seconded. The board voted to approve.

Teachers’ Reports:

High School Orchestra (Laura Plummer)

  • Elementary recruitment rally August 28, 6:30 in the AHS Auditorium – will include both band and orchestra this year. There was discussion about possibly having an ABOB table at the event.

High School Band (Alyssa Overmann)

  • Marching 100 was able to get the whole show on the field during Band Camp. Now are relearning and polishing.
  • Percussion will attend a clinic at SIUE Saturday the 26th (not a competition).
  • The first football game performance is September 1st.
  • The board discussed the possibility of covering the cost of kids’ meals at Lambert’s on October 7th or 8th.

Middle School Orchestra Report (Sally Pierce)

  • The AMS schedule has changed so that this year the orchestra directors work with the 6th graders first in the day, followed by the 7th graders, and then the 8th They will have a little more time with elementary string students this year.
  • There was discussion about all AMS students in orchestra, band, and chorus having the same AMS Music polo shirt, since many students are in two of these groups.

Middle School Band Report (Alyssa Overmann)

  • Band has begun practicing the Halloween Parade song, “All-Star” by Smashmouth.

Committee Reports:

Hospitality: No report

Communications: Mike Haynes

  • Several Dine-Out communications were sent out in July and August.

Technology: Tom Pullen

  • Working to make ABOB.net run more smoothly
  • Amazon audited ABOB, citing several violations of their policies. Amy Hillery will share the email she received from Cortney Frosch with the board so we can make the necessary changes in order to be compliant with Amazon’s guidelines. Tom will make changes to ABOB.net.

Ways and Means: Jamie Pullen

  • Olga’s has approved a dinner fundraiser scheduled for September 13th, lunch and dinner hours
  • Alyssa Overmann reported that Marching 100 earned $1025 from the car wash held on August 19th.
  • Button Days signups still going on. 1500 “Echoes Off the River” Buttons are ready to give out on Button Days (September 25th and 26th).

Dinner Auction: Ed Gray

  • No report

Spring Vendor Fair: Jill Mitchell

  • Jill will be giving out contracts to other vendors at her upcoming vendor events.

Trivia Night: Tonya Duke

  • 8 tables remaining/3 more round sponsors needed

Craft Fair: Rose Lammers

  • Almost 170 spots filled and 52 spots remain to be filled
  • Menu has been revised. Adding pancakes; changing chicken salad on croissant to chicken salad wraps; burger bar to replace sloppy joes.
  • There are 50-60 mugs left over from last year. Crafters will be notified that they can bring the mugs they purchased last year for reuse, and the leftover mugs can also be purchased. Rose would like to sell out of the old ones, which have last year’s Craft Fair date on them.
  • The old contact number for Craft Fair was disconnected when the AHS phone system changed. Rose needs this number back because it is the phone number that is on all of the contracts. Tom Pullen will make Rose’s home phone number available on ABOB.net temporarily, until this issue is resolved.
  • Another “chairperson” is needed to help with the recycling of soda cans during Craft Fair weekend.

Old Business:

The board voted to strike “Trip Fundraiser” from the Constitution as a Standing Committee.

New Business

There was a discussion about updating the administrators of the Marching 100 Parent Facebook page.

 Next meeting will be September 25, 2017 at AHS.


Meeting adjourned at 8:08.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Pullen