Executive Board Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2019


Ruth Waggener – President

Dawn Humphrey – Vice President

Tonya Duke – Communications & Trivia Night

Ed Gray – Financial

Paula Fritz – Craft Fair

Jill Mitchell – Vendor Fair

Roger Waggener – Technology



Laura Plummer, Alyssa Overmann

President Waggener called the meeting to order at 7:pm. Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed.   Ed Gray made the motion to accept minutes as written, Jill Mitchell seconded, and the motion carried.

The financial report was tabled for September.    Roger Waggener made a motion to review report at October meeting, seconded by Laura Plummer, motion carried.


High School Orchestra – Laura Plummer

  • October 12 – Chamber doing wedding of Erin Griffin and Christian Forester
  • Full Orchestra has started
  • We are short one cello at high school
  • Need FB post about donating old instruments

Middle School Band & Orchestra –

  • Ordering red polos
  • Dawn Humphrey is going to work on getting alumni shirts back for next year.
  • Need an FB post about donating old instruments

High School Band – Alyssa Overmann

  • Two football games
  • Mount Zion 1st place – crowd favorite and Percussion
  • Upcoming competitions – Collinsville and Washington
  • Button Days – October 19

Committee Reports:

Hospitality –

  • Still looking for someone to fill position.
  • Nothing to report

Communications – Tonya Duke

  • Only FB posts

Technology – Roger Waggener

  • Adding FB button to page
  • Open FB pages – Guard, Marching 100 parents, ABOB
  • Updating email addresses for ABOBboard@abob.net group email.
  • Updated contract for vendor fair

Ways and Means – Laura Plummer

  • Cheese and sausage top sellers – Ashley, 124, Lucas 29
  • Dine outs – Olgas, October 9, 11-9, must have flier – Luciana’s, November 9, 7-2:30, will include order ahead as long as paid for that day.
  • Laura Gibbs will be new Ways and Means chair.
  • Butter braids kickoff – October 7

Trivia Night – Tonya Duke

  • Decade theme this year.

Craft Fair – Paula Fritz

  • Tonya Duke volunteered to head up doors this year.

Dinner Auction – Ed Gray

  • Nothing to report

Spring Vendor Fair – Jill Mitchell

  • Planning on charging $1.00 entry fee for anyone 12 and over this year.
  • Need volunteers to chair entry, parking and food  – may have Pig on a Wing.

Old Business:

  • New drums have arrived.

New Business:

  • Bandquet – November 8
  • Discussing ornament for this year

Next Meeting October 28, 7:00pm, Orchestra Room AHS.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Jill Mitchell