ABOB Executive Board Meeting Minutes 5-21-18

Regulars In Attendance:

Amy Hillery, Mike Haynes, Ed Gray, Tom Pullen, Jamie Pullen, Dave Fritz, Paula Fritz, Ruth Waggener, Tonya Duke, Jill Mitchell, Rose Lammers, Laura Shansey, Mary Pearson, Terry Pearson, Amy Miller, Laura Plummer, Alyssa Overmann

First-Time Attendees:

John Kiger, Melissa Kiger, Leneisha Gray, Barb(?)Kruse, Charnette (Hardin?), Theresa (Forsythe?) – All are parents/grandparents of incoming Freshmen.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Amy Hillery.

Dave Fritz moved to accept the minutes from the April meeting. Tom Pullen seconded. Board voted to approve the minutes.

Ed Gray presented the Treasurer’s Report in Cindy Kirbach’s absence. Paula Fritz made a motion to accept the report as presented. Tom Pullen seconded. Board voted to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Directors’ ReportsĀ 

AHS Orchestra (Laura Plummer reported): “My Fair Lady” was a success! Anne Davis sent show photos to MTI, who in turn posted pictures of Audrey Neace as Eliza in honor of “Eliza Doolittle Day”. The spring orchestra concert featured 2017 Arion Award winner Alyssa Plummer performing a cello concerto with symphonic orchestra.

Ken Conrady is home, still recovering, but was able to attend the spring concert with his wife, Jean.

AHS Band (Alyssa Overmann reported): The spring band concert on May 3 was outstanding. 2017 Arion Award winner Katie Scoma performed on flute with the Wind Symphony. Marching 100 1-2 Camp began tonight. Students will have a parade rehearsal on the 25th and then perform at the AHS Graduation ceremony. May 28 they will march in the Alton Memorial Day Parade. Donations of bottled water are needed.

AMS Orchestra (Sally Pierce reported via email): There was a full house at the Coffee Concert! Donations collected for the McKinney Vento Fund included $398.50 in cash, several gift cards, and 2 carloads of toiletries, which were taken to the board office. The Schumann Chamber group attended Music in the Parks and received 1st Place Orchestra in their class and Best Orchestra of the Day. All school instruments have been collected from West, East, North, and AMS.

AMS Band: No report

Hospitality (Dave and Paula Fritz reported): Dave and Paula served cake and punch for the Arion Award winners at the spring band and orchestra concerts. They will be taking over organization of the Craft Fair this year, so we are in need of a new Hospitality Team to provide food/refreshments for Solo and Ensemble Contest, Arion Award winners, and student volunteers at the 2018 Craft Fair.

Communications (Mike Haynes reported): Mike sent out email commmunications last month.

Technology (Tom Pullen reported): Our web server is up to date.

Ways and Means (Jamie Pullen reported):

May 4th and 5th Button Days earned $1843.15 in cash plus a $25 check from Sue Cole (given to Ed Gray tonight for deposit). Uniforms are now paid for and we will direct future Button Days earnings towards new Drum Line equipment. At this time the plan is to hold Button Days in the Fall only.

Upcoming Fundraiser Dates: Tom Evans (Cheese and Sausage)-Kickoff August 28/Delivery week of October 1; Fall Butter Braids-Kickoff October 1/Delivery November 7; Spring Butter Braids-Kickoff March 5/Delivery April 10

Dinner Nights: Ed Gray will talk to Roma’s about doing a dinner night in August (First choice date 8-15, second choice 8-8). Jamie Pullen will schedule a fundraiser at Shivers on the last day of Band Camp, following the parent performance at West.

New Fundraising Opportunities and Ideas:

Hannah Austin of Germania Brew Haus would like to donate 25% of proceeds from their 5K run to ABOB. The run, which is in celebration of their one-year anniversary, will take place on July 7, 2018. All they are asking is that ABOB help publicize the event. Jamie Pullen will discuss this further with Hannah.

Andrea Abbott, owner of a mobile fashion boutique, has offered to donate 10% of her sales at an event. Vendor Fair seems like the obvious fit, but we may want to consider arranging a special shopping event as well.

Tonya Duke shared a fundraising idea – an Alton-themed Monopoly game.

Also for future discussion: an ABOB-hosted 5K Run

Trivia Night (Tonya Duke reported): Trivia Night is scheduled for Friday, September 21. Tonya needs someone to organize the silent auction and parents to head up section baskets.

Craft Fair (Rose Lammers and Dave and Paula Fritz reported): Scheduled for first weekend in December. 112 booths have already been reserved. Mike Halliday will be heading up the kitchen.

Dinner Auction (Ed Gray reported): Scheduled for March 16, 2019 at the LCCC Commons.

Spring Vendor Fair (Jill Mitchell reported): Scheduled for March 30, 2019. 15 contracts are in already. Laura Plummer asked if donuts or food trucks could replace the pancake breakfast. This would create more space in the commons for vendor booths. Jill would like the fair to run from 9:00-2:00 or 3:00.

Old Business:

At the April meeting, nominations were made for 2018-2019 Executive Officers. Tom Pullen moved and Tonya Duke seconded to approve those individuals, and the board voted in approval. 2018-2019 Executive Officers are:

Amy Hillery, President

Ruth Waggener, Vice President

Penny Boedecker, Secretary

Cindy Kirbach, Treasurer

New Business:

Ed Gray presented the proposed budget for 2018-2019. Tom Pullen made a motion to approve the new budget. Mike Haynes seconded. The board voted to approve.

Parent 1-2 Camp will be held on Tuesday July 17th.

The next meeting will be June 25th at 7:00 pm in the AHS Orchestra Room.

Amy Hillery adjourned the meeting at 7:56 pm.

-Respecfully Submitted by Jamie Pullen