Symphonic Orchestra to Univ. of IL String & Orchestra Clinic, Saturday, February 15

8:00 a.m.    Arrive at AHS with your instrument, music and Symphonic attire. Get a garment bag for your Symphonic concert dress.

8:15     Leave AHS.

Lunch as soon as we arrive at Krannert Center.  There are several restaurants just south of Krannert Center.   Students must be in a group of at least 4 students. 

12:45    Meet in lobby of Krannert for UI Symphony Orchestra performance.  DO NOT BE LATE! After the UI Symphony we are staying to watch 4 orchestras.

4:15                 Get instruments and concert clothes from the bus and change.

4:35                 Meet by the orchestra rehearsal room for warm up.

5:15                 Perform

5:30                 Clinic with Dr. Stephen Fairbanks, Univ. of IL

Change immediately after our clinic session and load bus.

6:30                 Leave U of I.  There will be a quick fast food stop in Springfield. 

10:00 p.m.       Arrive back at Alton H.S.

Bring money for lunch and dinner.

Wear everyday school clothes on the bus.  Bring all of your Symphonic concert attire with you.

Keep valuables with you at all times!

Absolutely NO changing clothes on the bus.  All students must change inside Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  There are plenty of bathrooms throughout the building.

Your parents are very welcome to come up with us for the day.  Space is limited on the bus due to our instruments.  They can follow the bus up.  Parking and admission are free.

What are we performing?  
Jig from St. Paul’s Suite by Gustav Holst
Egyptian Legacy by Soon Hee Newbold

No rated R movies for the bus ride. 

All school rules apply at all times.  Remember you represent Alton High School and our community in everything you do and say.  You are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times.