Symphonic Orchestra Univ. of IL Itinerary


6:15 a.m.         Arrive at AHS with your instrument, music and Symphonic attire

6:30                 Leave AHS

9:30                 Arrive U of I; change into concert dress

10:30               Warm-Up

11:00               Performance in The Krannert Center Great Hall

11:30               Clinic w/ Dr. Bergonzi
Change immediately after clinic session and walk as a group to campus town for                                    lunch.  EVERYONE MUST BE WITH A GROUP!

2:00                 Meet back at Krannert Center and watch orchestras

3:00                 Load bus and head home

6:00                 Arrive back at Alton H.S.

Bring a light sack lunch and/or snacks to tie you over until lunch and for ride home.  We’re not stopping to eat on the way home.

You’ll need money for lunch.  There are several food options close to Krannert and in campus town.

Wear everyday school clothes on the bus.  Bring all of your Symphonic concert attire with you.

Keep valuables with you at all times!

Absolutely NO changing clothes on the bus!  All students must change inside Krannert Performing Arts Center.  There are plenty of bathrooms throughout the building.

Your parents are very welcome to come up with us for the day.  A few can ride up with us or they can follow the bus up.  Parking and admission is free.

What are we performing?
Rumanian Folk Dances, Bela Bartok
Miraj, Richard Meyer

No rated R movies for the bus ride.

All school rules apply at all times.  Remember you represent Alton High School and our community in everything you do and say.  You are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times.