Symphonic Orchestra – AHS Graduation Info


Plan to arrive no later than 6:00.  Park in back of the music suite or have your parents drop you off.   Enter through the back door of our music suite.

Concert dress is very nice. Absolutely no jeans or shorts.  Dress shoes or sandals are fine.   No flip-flops. Dresses should meet school dress code.

Our set-up is just inside of the gym.  If you’re also in band, set out your orchestra instrument on your orchestra chair, then go sit and play with the band.  The second you finish Pomp and Circumstance, immediately come to orchestra.

We’re playing the Star Spangled Banner right at the beginning of the ceremony.  You’ll be done about 7:30. You may leave VERY QUIETLY after I dismiss you. Due to the restricted seating you may not sit in the bleachers.  If you decide to stay, you must sit with the band for the entire ceremony.

You are to be on your absolute best behavior throughout the ceremony.  

After we perform help stack and rack and bring chairs and stands back to the music suite.

Star Spangled Banner goes on my conductor stand.

Commencement will be over about 9:30.

Thank you!!