Stringsation! AHS Orchestra Rehearsal & Concert Info

Stringsation! Rehearsals for ALL AHS orchestra students:
Tuesday, March 10             3:25 – 4:00
Tuesday, March 17             3:25 – 4:00
Tuesday, March 24             3:25 – 3:45

We need 3 home cellos to come on these rehearsal days and 5 on the evening of the concert, please!

I do have activity bus passes.

Thursday, March 26
Stringsation! Concert

7:00 p.m.
Free Admission
Wear your concert attire

Night of concert:
AHS students park in back of AHS music suite.

Help with setup.  Time TBA. You can change in full concert dress after we‘re done setting up.

AHS Orchestra:  stay in Orch. Rm B-130 unless I have assigned you to assist with elementary or middle school strings.