Pit Orchestra – Les Mis: April 24 – May 1

Pit: Everything You Need to Know About This Coming Week

Cuts and revisions. Make sure these are marked in your part:
#5 – cut the 4 measures at rehearsal D
#12 – repeat/vamp mm. 1 – 2
#15 – repeat/vamp mm. 1-4
#26 – mark a rit. at m. 64
#31 – repeat mm. 10 -17

We had a great rehearsal today.  This is an enormous show and I am extremely pleased with the progress the pit it making.  This is not a watered down version of the Broadway musical.  It is the real Les Mis with cuts in the musical score.  My scores says “The score for Les Misérables is epic.  Try to make the music as emotional and expressive as possible.”   I am hearing some great things from the cast and pit.   Not many high schools can tackle a show of this magnitude and perform it well.  Alton High School most certainly can and will!
Keep focused, get your rest, eat well, and keep up with your homework.

Pit Concert Attire:  Solid black pants (black jeans are fine; no holes or rips) and solid black shirt. NO writing or graphics on the shirt.   Shirts must have sleeves at least to elbows.   Black shoes.

*Starting Monday, no homework, cell phones or other type of electronic devices in the pit.
You are to stay in the pit the entire 1st Act or 2nd Act. We will take a short break between acts.  Might be a good idea to bring a snack.
Always have water with you in the  pit.
Never, EVER do anything that distracts the cast on stage or the audience.  Do not say (or whisper) lines with the cast or sing along.  We all have to stay very still during performances.  The audience CAN see most of you.
Getting to the pit:  we will all take the dressing room hallway, cut through the scene shop and back stage right to get to the pit.
Also, no more climbing over the pit wall to get in and out of the pit.  We will all enter and exit the percussion side.
Monday, April 24
Meet in the orchestra room by 5:15
Rehearsal:  5:45 – 9:30 

what to wear:  dark colored shirt and jeans

Tuesday, April 25
Meet in the orchestra room by 5:15
Run the show: 5:30 – 9:00
Open rehearsal for parents and family members. Parents may take pictures and record the show.
What to wear:  Pit in performance attire

Wednesday, April 26
Final rehearsal; closed rehearsal
Meet in the orchestra room by 5:15
Run the show: 5:30 – 9:00
what to wear:  dark colored shirt and jeans

 *From here through Sunday, pit in performance attire.
Thursday, April 27
Morning Performance for AMS and other local 8th graders
Meet in the orchestra room by 8:00 a.m.
You are excused 0 through 4th hours.
You’ll eat D lunch.
Your parents may call you off 5th and 6th hours to go home and get rest.
Thursday, April 27:  OPENING NIGHT!
Meet in the orchestra room by 6:15
Show starts at 7:00
Backstage Pass after the show
Open to everyone.
There will be cake for the pit, cast and crew.

Friday, April 28
Meet in the orchestra room by 6:15
WARM UP!Show starts at 7:00

Saturday, April 29
Meet in the orchestra room by 6:15
Show starts at 7:00

Sunday, April 30
Meet in the orchestra room by 1:15
Show starts at 2:00

Bring change of clothes with you.  We need to clear the pit immediately after the show.

Stack and rack all chairs and stands.  Leave the stand/chair racks in the Aud.

Several of the parents are bringing in dinner for the cast, crew and pit who stay to help strike the set.  If you help with striking the set you earn Thespian points.

Monday, May 1
Pit Eraser Party!
Immediately after school in the orchestra room

This is optional, but I must have all pit books and binders returned today and all pit books must be completely erased.

Thanks again for all your time and dedication to the awesome production!