IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest Info for AHS Orchestra

Tuesday, March 3, 7:00 p.m.
Calvary Baptist Church
Required of All Symphonic

Saturday, March 7, Alton H.S.
(help with set-up Friday, March 6 and with contest all day March 7)

Your contest entry form and all entry fees are due Wednesday, February 5.

  $10.00 per solo
  $15.00 per ensemble (2-8 students)
$20 String Choirs (9-20 students; paid from AHS Orchestra Activity Accnt)
Cash or please make checks payable to Alton H.S.
This entry fee is non-refundable.

Time Limit:  6 minutes for all solos and ensemble performances. 

Students are limited to 3 total entries per ensemble; eg., 3 orchestra entries, 3 choir entries, 3 band entries.  Students are limited to 2 ensembles. These limitations do not include a “choir” (ensemble with 9 or more performers). So, the max you can do for orchestra is 1 solo, 2 string ensembles and 1 string choir. 

The judge must have an original score with every measure numbered.  Failure to do so will automatically lower your rating.

Instrumental solos must be prepared to perform the following:

  • Your solo selection (does not have to be memorized)
  • Memorized 3-8va scales (2-8va for bass):  Bb, F, C, G, D, A, & E Major 
  • The judge will ask for two scales.

Piano solos must be prepared to perform the following:
Your solo selection (does not have to be memorized)
Memorized 2 octave scales, 2 hands:  B, F, G, D, A, & E Major.
The judge will ask for three scales.

Solos do not have to be memorized.

Ensembles do not have to perform scales.  Ensembles may consist of 2 – 8 players.

Ensembles do not need accompanists unless there is a piano accompaniment.

Soloists:  Who is your accompanist?  Instrumental soloists need to get accompanists now and practice at least 3-4 times before contest with him/her.  You must have your accompanist lined up by February 12. Pay your accompanists.  Adult accompanist will be around $25 – $50 depending on the difficulty of your solo.  I will get you a list of names reliable accompanists if you need one.

Ensembles are responsible for scheduling their own rehearsals on their own time.  I will be available after school to help anyone needing assistance. Know your individual part well and practice together.  It is impossible to expect a first place rating if you put off practicing together until the week before. 

All Symphonic Honors are required to complete a Contest Project and are required to perform at the Symphonic Spring Recital.

Scoring:  IHSA has much higher standards than the IGSMA contest from middle school.  Ratings are:
  1st  Superior
  2nd Excellent
  3rd Very Good
  4th Fair
  5th Poor
Do NOT be disappointed with a 2nd  or 3rd.  Read over your score sheets and comments carefully.  Your final scores are usually justified.