Alton H.S. 2019-20 Symphonic Auditions for Incoming Freshman


AUDITIONS:  FEBRUARY 19 – 21, 2019

Contact Mrs.Plummer to schedule an audition time.

Prospective Symphonic Orchestra students must first pass the preliminary audition.

All scales will be performed at once and must be completed January 8 or 9.
Pending results of the preliminary auditions, the second phase of the Symphonic Orchestra audition must be completed during the week of February 19 – 21.

Both audition components must be performed in one sitting.

Preliminary Audition:  January 8 or 9, 2019

Memorized Scales
Violin:  3-octave C, G, D, B-flat Major and
              3-octave g and c melodic minor

Viola & Cello:  3-octave C, G, D, E-flat Major and
                          3-octave g and c melodic minor

Bass:  2-octave C, G, D, B-flat Major and
           2-octave g and c melodic minor

Audition:  February 19 – 21, 2019
Solo or an etude of your choice.
Solo cannot be orchestra music.  Solo should be a portion of a concerto or sonata, eg., Vivaldi, Mozart Concerti, Stamitz Viola Concerto, Bach Concerti and Suites, etc.   At least the Vivaldi Concerto at the end of Suzuki Book 4 or higher. 

Prepared excerpts of Symphonic Orchestra

A short worksheet covering basic music theory:  time signatures, key signatures,counting/rhythm, and musical terms. Students in the Symphonic Orchestra are expected to have an understanding of basic music theory. 


  • Be able to tune your own instrument
  • Good posture
  • Fairly advanced left hand technique; play independently in various positions.
  • Correct bow hold and demonstrate correct bow distribution and bow articulations reflective of the musical period.
  • Good intonation and recognize being out of tune and able to adjust pitch
  • Solid rhythm; understands subdivision;maintains steady tempo
  • Advanced musicianship:  vibrato, musical phrasing, dynamics, and performs other musical expressions as marked in the music.
  • You must turn in practice logs on a regular basis.
  • Maintain good attendance record.
  • Violas must be able to read treble clef.
  • Cellos and Bass must be able to read tenor clef.
  • Students in the Symphonic Orchestra must attend all after school rehearsals.  6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring.
  • Symphonic Orchestra has at least six required performances a year.
  • Recommendation of the school instructor and/or private teacher. 

AHS Symphonic Orchestra auditions MUST be completed by the stated dates.