AHS ILMEA Sr. Orchestra Final Audition Info



The bus leave AHS at 7:30 a.m. from the music suite.  Plan on arriving by 7:15 a.m.
Students will have access into the music suite in the morning.

Dress:  Nice school clothes.

The bus will return to AHS sometime between Noon and 1:00.   Please make sure you or someone you know has a cell phone so you can call parents to pick you up at the high school before you get back.

The bus will drop us off at Highland M.S.  The band and choir are going to Highland H.S., which is across the highway.   AHS Orchestra stays at Highland M.S. until everyone is done, then  we’ll get on the bus and go across the street to the high school and wait for Alton band auditions to finish.

Once you arrive sign up at your audition rooms.

You can warm up in the gym.   Please do not play in the halls.

Bring money for food. 

Auditions are blind, i.e. judges do not see you and there is no verbal communication between you and the judge.  There will be a room monitor in each senior orchestra audition room.

You will be auditioning on memorized scales, sight reading, state required excerpt, and excerpts from Jupiter.

Scales and audition spots will be posted when you arrive.

Have MEMORIZED all of the following three octave major scales:
Bb, F, C, G, D, A, & E Major AND c and g melodic minor scales.
The tempo for scales should be Quarter Note = 120, detache’ (i.e., no slurs).

Students may not to leave Highland M.S. for any reason.

You are ambassadors of Alton High School.   Please represent our school and community with pride in all you and do say.

The ILMEA District 6 Festival is Saturday, November 5, at Edwardsville H.S.
If selected, there is a $20 festival fee due by the end of October.
IL Central Bus Co. will be transporting students to the festival leaving AHS at 7:00 a.m.
Parents are to bring you home after the evening festival concert.