Stringsation! Info for Elementary Orchestra Students

Stringsation! District Orchestra Festival
Thursday, March 23
Alton H.S. Gym

(Left/South side of AHS; entrance across from the baseball/softball fields)

Students should arrive by 6:30.

Elementary students:  Dress Nice.
5th Grade Honors Students:  black pants and 5HO shirt

Bring a portable/folding music stand if you have one.
Make sure your name is on it!

Unpack in the gym behind the curtain.

Get tuned.

Go sit in the elementary ensemble.

Use the bathroom before the concert begins.

Show everyone your excellent concert manners during the performances.

What are we playing?
Mary Lee – 2x
Twinkle – 2x
Ode to Joy (Grand Finale)

Students must stay for the entire concert which lasts about 45 minutes.