How To Volunteer

Volunteering with ABOB is easy (and fun)!

Please don’t wait to be asked – jump right in! Volunteering is a great way to see who your kids are hanging out with, get to know their friends, and even make friends with other parents!

We have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year:

  • ABOB Trivia Night (September)
    Contact Laura Plummer (
  • ABOB Craft Fair (First Weekend in Dec.)
    Contact Rose Lammers (
  • ABOB Dinner Auction (March)
    Contact Ed Gray (

*NEW in 2014* – Marching 100 Uniform Fundraising – contact Amy Hillery at

Have an idea for a fundraiser? Contact Ways & Means chair Cortney Frosch at

The Marching 100 always needs help loading/moving equipment on and off the field at football games and competitions – just jump in the mix or contact Mike Haynes at

Marching 100 Uniforms: hemming/fitting the kids – contact Dan McKinney at

Marching 100 Food: Feeding the kids at competitions – contact Ralph & Carol Wheaton at

Marching 100 Band Camp: Providing water/snacks/first aid at band camp – contact Joy Sawyer at

Marching 100 Chaperones: Ride the bus to and from competitions! Contact Joy Sawyer at

Also, You can always contact instructors (Laura Plummer, Alyssa Cudney, or Michaela Davis) or ABOB Board Members (Amy Hillery, Ed Gray, Cathy Gray, Rose Lammers, Vicki Schilling, Penny Boedeker, Cindy Kirbach, Kathy DeWitt, Dave Fritz, or Paula Fritz).

ABOB is always open to new faces and ideas! Come join us!