Pit Orchestra-Final Week!

Sunday, April 28:  12:45 until about 5:30.  Several kids have talked to me about church commitments and that’s is fine. Get them fed and send them in.   Kids in Encounter need to bring their Encounter concert attire to change into.
Please note earlier start times for this next week.  The kids need to get home after school, knock out homework, eat dinner and get back.
Monday, April 29 
arrive by 5:20 – 9:30ish
Students in dress black for our picture.


Tuesday, April 30:  Parent Performance!  6:00 p.m.
arrive by 5:40.   
Students wear black shirts.  Jeans on bottom.


Wednesday, May 1
arrive by 5:40   
Black shirts.  Jeans on bottom.
Thursday, May 2
arrive by 6:15. 
Concert black
Friday, May 3
arrive by 6:15
Concert black
Saturday, May 4
arrive by 6:15. 
Concert black
Sunday, May 5 
arrive by 1:15. 
Concert black


Immediately after Sunday’s performance we have to clear out the pit and I need all of the kids to erase and turn in their pit orchestra books.  We have to ship all of the materials back to the rental house in New York City.
Students may also earn Thespian points by helping with set strike, which usually wraps up about 6:30.