Nashville Trip Sign Up Clarification


I know there’s been some confusion regarding the trip sign up “due date” today. Here’s what you need to know:

Please get your student/yourself signed up to go on the trip as soon as you can! If you need to make the payment later, that’s okay – You can sign up and then log back in to pay at a later date. We just like to try to get a good estimate of the number going on the trip early – makes planning much, much easier.

If you ever have any questions/concerns regarding the trip, please contact me, Ms. Davis, or Music Travel Consultants directly. W​hile social media sharing can be helpful at times, it is not the official source for information and we can get you answers very quickly. It also helps us to know the questions so we can make sure answers are shared with all parents/guardians as needed.​

Here’s how to get signed up:
– Go to
– Upper Right ~ Click the “Trip Login” link
– Select “New User”
– Fill out contact information
– Select “Register a Traveler”
– Enter trip number: 1703-6-60
– Add Traveler/Travelers
– Select “Make a Payment” to Pay Deposit

If you have a bigger issue with payments/would like to work out a different plan, please contact Music Travel directly – here’s Ben Hilmer’s contact information.
Music Travel Consultants contact info:
Name: Ben Hilmer
Address: 7920 Georgetown Road, Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 1-800-616-1112

You can find all the other information regarding the Nashville trip here: Nashville Trip Info.