Link to Amazon from the homepage to raise money for our kids!

Hello ABOB supporters!  Do you or anyone you know ever buy things online from Amazon?

If so, here is some information about a great way to support ABOB that won’t cost any extra money.

Through the Amazon Affiliates program, if you get to the Amazon website via the link posted on our ABOB site, we will get a percentage of whatever you purchase as commission.  We can earn up to 10%!!

The first time you click on the link (located on the right hand side of the website), it will take you to a question about whether you would like to donate to charity.  Just click through that box however you wish (it has nothing to do with us) and proceed to the Amazon store.  Once you go through that box once, it shouldn’t ask you again.

We also have our own ABOB Amazon store with suggested items from the band and orchestra directors.  You’ll also find a link to items our kids need as a group that you (or anyone you know) can directly donate to our band and orchestra.  If you would like to purchase items to be directly donated, all you have to do is put in the Alton High School shipping address (posted on the Amazon store page).  Here is the link to the ABOB Amazon store:

Right now there is a special section on our Amazon store specifically for Marching 100 students including band camp must-haves!  A back to school shopping link will be coming soon too including all the items recommended by our district to make shopping for school supplies quick and painless.

Please send this information out to anyone who wouldn’t mind taking this extra small step when purchasing from Amazon in order to help our kids.

Alton Band and Orchestra Alumni- please think of this as a great (and free) way to give back to the Alton/Godfrey community!

Thanks for your support!  Please forward this to many many people and feel free to contact me directly with questions at


Cortney Frosch (ABOB parent and Marching 100 alumni)