Band Update – 6/26/17


Happy parade week! Here we go!

  • Crucial this week!!! Red Bud was a wake up call for many students –   Please encourage your student to give up soda, start drinking lots of water, begin eating healthier (more fruits/veggies/lean protein, less cheetos/cupcakes/junk food), and getting outside everyday (wash the car, mow the lawn, walk the dog, play basketball, etc)!!!
  • Please also encourage at home practice – we’re shoving a ton into our Tuesday rehearsals to prep for the VP Parade – they can practice marching (listen to the radio and march along, turn on a metronome), work on memorizing the parade tune, and work on the “show” for the VP parade – ask to see it! The more time they spend on it at home the easier it will be on Tuesday nights!!! If they have any questions they can contact their student leader, or shoot me an email.
  • Please don’t forget about forms!!!
    • The $50 Band Fee can be paid anytime. Please make checks payable to ABOB.
  • We have our usual Full M100 Rehearsal tonight, Tuesday 6/27 – 6-8:30pm at AHS. Please wear tennis shoes/comfortable (athletic clothing) and bring water – we will be outside!
    *Please remember that in an organization this big, communication is crucial – for the benefit of the group and for student safety. Please shoot us an email if your child will miss a rehearsal – and Thanks!
  • We will also have Parent 1-2 Camp at 6:30pm this evening in the band room. This is an opportunity for anyone to come check out volunteer opportunities for the season/get more information about how to help. We’ll have folks from food, bus chaperones, uniforms, pit crew, etc. Feel free to come check it out! (I hear there will be cookies )
  • Thursday, June 29 – Full Marching 100 rehearsal – 10am-12pm. This is to get one more rehearsal in before VP and also to experience what the sun/heat will be like during the parade. Students in summer school are expected to attend summer school – Please just let us know they’ll need to miss the rehearsal. If a ride is an issue, please let us know and we’ll try to find one!

    *This is the only rehearsal on Thursday – guard/percussion will not meet later in the day*

  • Saturday, July 1 – VP Parade – morning/early afternoon, downtown St. Louis – You can find the itinerary here –  VP Parade Itinerary

I think that is it! Please let us know if you have any questions.