Band Update 5/23/16

Hello! Happy last week of school!

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • ABOB Meeting – Tonight, Monday, May 23 – 7pm, AHS Orchestra room
  • AHS Graduation – Friday, May 27 – 3:30pm – 7:45pm (estimate). All students (except Symphonic Band percussion) play graduation! Here’s the plan:
    • With finals/school getting out for summer we won’t see the band for a week before graduation (yikes!) So we’ll have a rehearsal the day of graduation (5/27):
    • 3:30pm – Meet outside for quick Memorial Day parade rehearsal with color guard – wear tennis shoes/comfortable clothes
    • 4:30pm – run graduation tunes
    • 5:30pm – Eat dinner (provided by ABOB), change clothes – wear nice clothes for graduation – no jeans/tennis shoes!
    • 6:30pm – Enter gym/start playing graduation prelude music
    • 7:00pm – Graduation begins – Pomp & Circumstance
    • 7:30pm – Finish playing – move chairs/stands/equipment back to band room. Dismiss.
  • Memorial Day Parade (M100) – Monday, May 30 – Upper Alton. Memorial Day parade Itinerary


  • Student Leaders have been posted. It was a difficult decision this year – all who applied buy into the program, believe in the program, and are genuinely interested in helping this program succeed. It’s impressive, and we’re proud of all of them for going through the process. Those who  have been chosen for a position will have a leadership seminar before 1-2 camp – on Wednesday, June 1, from 9am-1pm at Alton High School. More information will be coming.
  • 1-2 Camp – Freshmen/Sophomore/New Marchers & Student Leaders – Wednesday, June 1 & Thursday, June 2 – 6-8pm, Alton High School. We will have a notary available to notarize Medical Information Forms at these rehearsals! Please don’t sign the form until you are in front of a notary.
  • Trip Fundraiser – Garage Sale – Set Up – Friday, June 24. Sale – Saturday, June 25. More info. coming!
  • Summer Tuesday Rehearsals – Tuesday, June 7, Tuesday, June 14, Tuesday, June 21 – 6-8:30pm, AHS. If your student needs to miss a rehearsal, please let us know as soon as you can.
  • Summer Guard Rehearsals – Tuesdays, 3-6pm. Thursdays, 3-6pm. See calendar for more information. Please let Mike know if you need to miss –
  • Summer Percussion Rehearsals – Tuesdays, 1-5pm, Fridays, 1-5pm. See calendar for more information. Please let Coop & Ryan know if you need to miss – and

Updated Calendar – please see the link for an updated summer calendar. It has the guard/percussion rehearsals on it, as well as announcing that band camp will for sure be at Alton High this year.  Here’s the updated calendar – 100 Calendar Jun-Nov. 2016. 5.17 revis.  (updated 5/17/16).

Summer Jazz – Mr. Jarden is again offering Wednesday jazz band throughout the summer. Click here for more details!

Marching 100 Color Guard & Percussion sections are gearing up for the season! Here’s their schedules:

  • M100 Color Guard – Tuesdays & Thursdays through May – 3:45 – 6:30pm, AHS.
  • M100 Percussion – Tuesday, May 24 – 6-8pm, AHS.

June is quickly approaching – please get in the following forms:

All students will need a show shirt. New members will need shoes and gloves (or returning members if they are torn up/too small).

Just a reminder to get the $50 Band Fee in. Feel free to pay in installments – $25 in June and $25 in July. Checks made payable to ABOB.

If you need information/clarification on the Nashville Trip please see the following links:
Nashville Trip Sign Up Clarification
Nashville Trip Information