Band Update – 1/24/17

Hello! Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

  • Today, Tuesday, January 24 – RESCHEDULED Gray Pep Band Game. 6:45pm, AHS. This is the Alton/Edwardsville Game that was cancelled last Friday evening. Please mark your calendars!
  • Wednesday, 1/25 – Jazz Band (as usual) – 3:30-5pm.
    • They will not have combo after jazz band tomorrow night. Instead, Mr. Jarden will be giving a class on chord theory – 5-5:40pm. Anyone interested is welcome to attend!
  • MUTES!!! If your student plays a brass instrument, it’s time for them to own their own mutes! We need them in many of the pieces we are playing. They all need them and they’re not that pricy. I looked them up on amazon to give you an idea of what you’re looking for. All items are also available (possibly for a better price) at Halpin!
  • Please also ask if your student has lost their Blue Book or needs reeds/valve oil/repair. Now would be a perfect time to replenish everything!

Looking to next week:

  • Friday, February 3 – Red Pep Band Game – AHS, 6:45pm

Other future happenings:

  • It is time to start thinking about the Nashville Trip!!! A couple of things to know:
    • Please check to be sure that you weren’t bumped from the trip from “lack of payments.” I know many folks were planning on paying in one lump sum. Please double check you/your student’s account. If you were bumped, please email Ben Hilmer – to get back on. Please know we’re working on this!
    • The calendar funds have just recently been sent. They should be in trip accounts by the end of this week. Thanks for your patience!
    • I do not have a final trip cost just yet (should be very soon). I’ve been telling folks to plan on $500, but it should be just under that.
  • Our Third Quarter Scale Check Off Assignment & Third Quarter Playing Test Chunks have been posted in Google Classroom – the scales are concert Eb, Gb (F#), A, and A chromatic. Scale recordings are due March 3. Please encourage that they get it done early!!! (They could record and submit this week!)
  • I know many of you are starting to think about summer and the Marching 100 Schedule. We are just in the beginning/planning phases, but here’s what we’re thinking so far:
    • 1-2 Camp! – Tuesday, 5/30 and Wednesday, 5/31 – 6-8pm, AHS
    • Band Camp! – Monday, 7/24 – Thursday, 8/4 – 8am – 5pm, AHS
    • We will be participating in the Red Bud Parade (Sunday, 6/25) and the VP Parade (Saturday, 7/1)
    • Football game dates are available on the calendar
  • *Please note that all these dates are TENTATIVE*. This is what Mr. James and I are thinking, but we still have to double check building usage/dates/conflicts. Just trying to help you plan ahead! Thanks for your flexibility.