Band Update – 11/25/19

Happy Monday!

Tis the season! The 31st annual Olde Alton Arts & Crafts Fair is just 2.5 weeks away! We need all kinds of parent help throughout the weekend – this event is HUGE and brings in a large chunk of the funds ABOB uses to fund our band program. Please help out! You can contact the following chairs to schedule a time to help:
– Mike & Angela Halliday – Kitchen – You can also sign up for the kitchen here: ABOB Craft Fair Kitchen
– Tonya Duke – Doors – You can also sign up for doors here: ABOB Craft Fair Doors
– Amy Hillery – Baskets – A message about baskets:
Donations for the Craft Fair Basket Raffle are still needed! Any contribution is appreciated. Baskets, items, cash donations and gift cards for the gift card tree can be sent to school- or contact Amy Hillery at 618-520-9850 for pick up. All proceeds from the Basket Raffle go to ABOB and instrumental music in Alton.
– Penny Boedeker – Soda –
To sign up for the basket table/soda: ABOB Craft Fair Soda/Basket Raffle

Parking – we will need some folks to help out with parking as well – we’re hoping we can get a team together. Please email Mrs. Plummer to sign up –

For more craft fair info. please check out this link: ABOB Craft Fair Volunteers & Donations

Band Grades: As we head towards the end of the semester, we have lots of grades coming due: 2nd Quarter Scales, 2nd Quarter Playing Test, and the Fine Arts Critique are all posted on Google Classroom. All three are worth 100 points each – if they get them in over Thanksgiving Break, they’ll be good to go until our final!!!

Here’s our week:

  • Monday, 11/25 – Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
    • Jazz on a Fall Evening – 7:30pm, LCCC – Trimpe ATC Building. Info from Mr. Jarden: Hello AHS Jazz Parents! Here is an update regarding the concert tonight! The concert starts at 7:30Students can start arriving at about 7 o’clock. This is about 30 minutes later than the time I sent home on my initial note. I pulled the original time from our district music calendar, which was also incorrect! I sincerely apologize for the incorrect information and if it has caused any confusion. In the future I will take more caution when sending out information to students to ensure its accuracy. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! The other details regarding the concert are accurate! The concert will take place in the Trimpe Building at the LCCC campus. Trimpe is the building directly next to Hatheway Hall. Attire for the concert will be nice dress clothes, just like the Lovejoy Festival. Students will need to bring their instrument and their music. Rhythm section gear (drum set, bass amp, guitar amp, keyboard amp) will be provided. The jazz band has had a wonderful first semester, and I’ve enjoyed working with the students a great deal. Thank you so much for allowing me to teach your kids music! See you all tonight at 7 pm! Thanks!- Chris J.
  • Tuesday, 11/26 – AMS/AHS Winterguard rehearsals – Lovejoy Gym – AMS 2-5pm, AHS 5-8pm

Looking ahead:

  • Monday, 12/2 –  Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
    • Pep Band Game – Everyone! 6:15pm, Band Room – we rehearse the tunes for a bit then play the first game together so everyone learns the ropes!
  • Wednesday, 12/4 – AMS/AHS Winterguard rehearsal – Lovejoy Elementary Gym. AMS – 3:45-6pm, AHS – 6-9pm
  • Friday, 12/6 – ABOB Craft Fair set up – all evening. Sign up sheets for students are on the orchestra room doors!
    • AMS/AHS Winterguard rehearsal – Lovejoy Elementary Gym. AMS – 3:45-6pm, AHS – 6-9pm
  • Saturday, 12/7 & Sunday, 12/8 – ABOB Olde Alton Arts & Crafts Fair. Tis the season! We will need tons of student & parent help! Please get involved in the biggest fundraising weekend of the year!
  • Monday, 12/9 –  Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm
  • Tuesday, 12/10 – Red Pep Band Game – 6:45pm, AHS
  • Wednesday, 12/11 – AHS/AMS Band Concert – 7pm, AHS Gym
  • Friday, 12/13 – Gray Pep Band Game – 6:45pm, AHS
  • Monday, 12/16 –  Percussion – 3:30-4:45pm

Here’s the pep band game schedule:

Monday, 12/2 – 6:15pmEVERYONE
Tuesday, 12/10 – 6:45pmRed
Friday, 12/13 – 6:45pmGray
Friday, 1/3 – 6:45pmRed
Monday, 1/6 – 6:45pmGray
Friday, 1/10 – 6:45pmRed
Saturday, 2/1 – 6:45pmGray
Friday, 2/14 – 6:45pmRed
Friday, 2/21 – 6:45pmGray
Saturday, 2/22 – 6:45pmEVERYONE

That’s it! Have a great Thanksgiving – it’s a pleasure working with you and your kids!