AHS Chamber Strings Dec. 2-5

Tuesday, December 3 is our informal Chamber Strings Christmas performance for family and friends in the AHS orchestra room.  Park in back of the high school outside of our music suite (around the corner from the auditorium entrance.) The back entrance to our music suite will be unlocked.  Wear jeans and any red, green, or black shirt, plaid shirt, sweater, or whatever you can find that’s somewhat clean.  We’ll start at 6:30. Arrive around 6:15.  Feel free to bring store bought cookies or anything else to share.  

Wednesday, December 4, rehearsal 3:25-4:15.  This will be our last rehearsal for this semester.  We’ll start up again Wednesday, January 15. 

Thursday, December 5:  wear your Chamber Strings concert black to school and bring a change of school clothes with you.  Also bring money for lunch at either Taco Bell or Steak ‘n Shake.  You’re excused 1st through 4th hours.  We perform at Asbury Village at 9:30 and then Cedarhurst at 10:30. Lunch after that.  I will write passes to 4th hour or other classes to catch up on missed work.