Winter Guard Clinic @ McKendree University

There is a winter guard clinic being held at McKendree University this Saturday, June 20.

Registration begins at 8:30am at the main gym building, called the Melvin Price Convocation Center. Classes will start at 9am and the day will end around 5pm.

There are usually 4 blocks of classes with three different ranges: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If your child chooses to be in an advanced class and finds it a little too difficult, he/she can always switch classes. There will be classes in dance, flag, rifle, and saber.

There will be a lunch break. Your child can bring their own lunch or buy pizza there for $1 per slice.

The cost of the clinic is $25. This is not a requirement – merely an opportunity!

To attend, fill out this form: Registration Form

And fill out and print this form: Under 18 Hold Harmless Agreement

Thank you!

Ms. Davis