Pick Up ABOB Fall Breakfast Pastry Fundraiser

Thanks to you, ABOB raised over $1,600 on the Fall Breakfast Pastry fundraiser!

Delivery is Tuesday, November 10 from 2:00 – 7:00 in the Alton High School Music Suite, which is in the very back just around the corner from the Auditorium.  Enter at the door past the red band shed, by the loading dock with the red dumpster.  There will be a sign on the door and it will be propped open.

An email has been sent out to sign up for a pick up time.

These items must be kept frozen.  If you have any COVID symptoms or are on quarantine, please contact Laura Plummer: 474-6967 or lplummer@altonschools.org. 

Thank you for supporting our band and orchestra kids!