Pep Band 2015-2016

Pep Band will be starting soon! Pep (Basketball) Band is for all band students (5th and 6th hour). We divide the band in half, into red & gray pep bands. They are assigned to play at alternating basketball games. Games and reherasals are worth 25 points each, and students may play at their “off” game for extra credit.

Students do need a pep band tshirt as their uniform for each game. Shirts are $12 each. We will be using the same shirts as last year, so returning members do not need to buy a new one unless they need a different size/new one. Checks can be made payable to Alton High School – feel free to send them in with your student when you can. Shirt orders must be in by Tuesday, November 17. Thanks!

Here’s the Schedule:

  • Rehearsals (EVERYONE!!!) – Monday, November 16 & Monday, November 30 – 3:12 – 4:33pm
  • First Pep Band Game (EVERYONE!!!) – Tuesday, December 1 – 6:30pm

Red Band Schedule                                                                                    
Friday, 12/18 – 6:45pm
Tuesday, 1/12 – 6:45pm
Tuesday, 2/23 – 6:45pm                                                                                      

Gray Band Schedule 
Tuesday, 12/8 – 6:45pm
Tuesday, 1/5 – 6:45pm
Friday, 2/19 – 6:45pm

*Since we only need 1 drum set player for pep band, percussionists are not usually involved. This year, instead of pep band/winter percussion we are breaking all percussionists into various percussion ensembles that will meet once a week and during class. We’re ironing out some final details and will email percussion parents with information when we have it!