Trip Fundraiser Check In

*Nashville Fundraising • CALENDARS*


Please ‘check in’ by end of school Tuesday and let us know how your student (or you) is doing with calendar sales! Approximately two weeks ago, if requested, your student brought home 5 calendars to raise money for their individual trip to Nashville this coming spring. Each calendar is $15, with $10 from each sale going to their Trip accounts. Have you sold the calendars? Have you turned in the money? If you didn’t sell the calendars, did your student return them to Ms Cudney or Mr James? Do you need additional calendars? Not done selling? That’s ok, too! We just ask that you just give us an update. You can ‘check in’ with us in a couple of quick, easy ways!

  1. Drop a quick email to Macie Henkhaus, Trip fundraising mom at – please include your kiddo’s name!
  2. Drop a quick text to Macie at 618-616-2892 – please include your kiddo’s name!
  3. Have your student check in with Ms Cudney or Mr James

Please keep in mind, all unsold calendars DO NEED TO BE RETURNED. Outstanding calendars will be charged to your student’s school account, which will need to be paid before graduation.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Macie Henkhaus
(Nashville Trip Fundraising)


Cortney Frosch
(ABOB Ways & Means)